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Spring has Sprung!!

Hi Gang,

It’s been a few days since my last blog, and I would like to thank everyone who inboxed me, and it brought forward some healthy debate.  I am going to start with a bit of a follow-up, of the last blog.  It just happened that I was invited to West Ham Stadium, for a meet and greet, with a Q&A with the West Ham Manager, Captain, and former player Carlton Cole.

As a 1966 Season ticket holder, I like others were invited.  After my blog, I had a feeling that my ticket may have got lost in the post… However mine, and my wife’s arrived!


Now, most would think that after our last game, and all the goings on, this would be very much a clear the air session, and a time to answer some tricky questions?  Alas, this was not the case.  What actually happened, was a bit of PR! Out of the 1966 who were invited, less than 1000 attended the 6.15pm start! I’m not going to lie I was there for the buffet & booze.  Which wasn’t as advertised, buffet was nuts & popcorn, you got one free drink, and a JD & Coke cost a tenner!

Carlton kicked off the evening, and considering he hasn’t kicked a ball in anger for West Ham for some years! No one had really come to see him, and as we seemed to be the only black people in the room apart from staff! Carlton and I caught up before he was called to the stage.  First question to Carlton is from Kevin? Our MC announced… Everyone looked around for Kevin? But Kevin’s question was read from a card! as was Brian’s, and Cliff who was clearly from Ipswich, but clearly not in the room! it was soon clear that these questions, had been either made up, or were from supporters who, had missed the last year at West Ham! Moyes & Noble followed suit, and although both were honest with their answers, they were steered well clear of difficult questions, or any from the floor.  There was a raffle, we lost! I was back in Kent by 8.15pm. And we stayed until the end, it was less than 90 mins, and that was that.

I was speaking to a friend and his wife, who also attended. And I know that they are lifelong supporters, and sit a few seats from us.  And his first question to me, was not “what did I think?” But, “was I renewing my season ticket next year?”  Over the last few weeks and months, the wife has asked me the same question? And I am going to try to ‘Nutshell’ it!

I am a football fan, I don’t just watch West Ham, I enjoy a good game on a Sunday Morning. But West Ham are my Team, I enjoy following them, win, lose or draw.  I agree that the Club isn’t being run to it’s best, and I know that the team should be performing better.  But if I don’t buy my seat next year, someone else will, be in no doubt of that! And that someone, will not care how the team is being run, or by who.. They will just want to go and watch a game.  That’s all I want to do!  As I said in my last blog, The Board isn’t going anywhere for now, and I suggest that they don’t try a similar PR stunt for the ‘Firm’, but I guess my position is clear… Let’s not get it twisted, I will still be singing Board Out! at the next game.


I try to be as open as possible in this blog, if I didn’t, it wouldn’t really work.  Many of you know my feelings on Facebook, and the like! Great for promoting your business, and it does make the world smaller.  But, I have seen it destroy lives! I have watched friendships and relationships, play out over social media.  I myself have fallen victim, if someone sets about you on Facebook, your f**ked!  Recently, one of those people had resurfaced, just as the court order ran out! But we have systems in place for this, and we leave it to the police, as I can’t go round giving out kicking’s, these days.  Now recently Facebook has had its own issues to deal with, and in truth they have never been sympathetic, to the plight anyway, as they say it’s “Freedom of speech?”.  No, it’s frigging lies? “Well, they have the right to say it”..  But I have a Court Order.. Then nothing! However today, both my wife and I received a letter from said Facebook, apologising, and stating that all sites, have been asked to remove, and delete, and that includes a list of fake profiles? I was interested to know, how they knew this person had all these fake accounts!! (why do people do that?).

My point is this? Why this week, and not 3 years ago, and what about the other people this person terrorized?  I know that the matter is now, another matter for the police, and hopefully this time, a short prison sentence ensues?  As I am sure that some of my Brother’s, and Sister’s behind closed doors will make them feel welcome, and then post the results on Facebook.. Karma is a Bitch!


Spring!!! What is it? Where is it? And if this is it? How can I dodge it next year? I know one thing!!  Spring includes freezing cold weather, and vast amounts of snow!  I read in a news article, we are heading for one of the hottest summers in UK records… I don’t know, but I will be booking a summer getaway, just in case!

Before I go..

I want to thank my Team on the Radio Station, I have worked with some members of my Team, since the start of Boogie Bunker Radio, some for far longer.  We have gone through a period of changes, and most have been due to growth of the station, some have been forced.  But my Team have been very supportive, and for most the music, is the glue that holds them together.  I make sure the show’s go out on time, and sound good.  I am fortunate that I don’t have to advertise for Presenters, and have a waiting list, and that’s a testament to the Team on the station, that others wish to join them.  So the drinks are on me Boy’s & Girl’s.


You know what to do?





Viva Espana!!

Hi Gang,

Greetings from Spain.. As I said in my last Blog, I was off to Spain with the wife for some rest, and recuperation!! We are based near La Calla, Mijas.  Which for anyone who knows anything about Spain, will know it’s along the coast of the Costa del Sol.. Geography lesson over!!

Now, I am going to say this now… The wife is not a fan of Spain! Now there are places, in Spain which are dear to her heart.. Yes, She weird I know.. Anyway, this part of Spain has been known to really get her back up! Now a few years ago we was here, and having spent the previous few weeks in Tenerife, She could not help but make the comparison.. That and the fact that it’s murder to buy a packet of cigarettes after 8pm, more so on a Sunday.. Makes my wife fit to kill!

But, always up for a challenge, and that was October, This was February, it would be different. We were staying on the same resort, and although we had downgraded from last time, we planned to do some touring this time..

Those of you have read my blog before, will know that on holiday, or mainly when we are abroad? Our day’s are made up of good food, lot’s of cocktails, and plenty of walks sightseeing! Or as some of you may call it… Bar hopping!!

We knew that we would get some sun, but we were unlikely to get Bahamas weather, but anything over 18C would make us happy.. and we were looking at 22C with the odd bit of rain! I am going to say this now… Spain can get cold.. DANG!!!  You wake up to clear skies and sunshine.. Open the Balcony door… And DANNNG!! Big Coat today Babe!!

So the plan was to try to keep to places, where we didn’t have to take our Big coats.. North Africa!! Banus! Marbella!! So off we went.. Let’s start backwards.. Marbella is a place I know well, having had a 2 year DJ residency there.. And it’s always good to visit your old stomping ground!  It was a nice day, so stroll cocktail, long story short.. We walked from Marbella to Puerto Banus.. for those who don’t know, it’s around 9 miles!! Things you have to do to get some sun!!


This brings us to-day 3… North Africa!! Tangier.. Now apart from Hashish, and Argon oil, that’s it for me, as far as Morocco goes for me! Call me shallow, but that was all I knew! so was looking forward to the day trip!! Now, how do we do this?? Here’s a tip! do a tour unless you near the port! I saw various prices of trips, and I later found out that if you pre book as part of a package, your likely to get ripped off.. Example, we paid €65 each, for a day trip, which included ferry, tour, and lunch, and shopping, plus a trip to the sea, as The Mediterranean meets the Ocean along the coast, and is quite a site! Now on our coach the others had paid between €100 for the same trip, booked via resort, one American had paid $300 for the same tour booking in the states? Book when your here, and shop around.

Onward! My knowledge of Tangier and Morocco extends to more Hashish… And if you need Argon Oil, I have loads.. Back to the tour… The minute you get off the ferry the street sellers, are primed and waiting.. I have travelled and therefore have encountered my fair share.. And Jamaica, had always for me been the worst for street selling! granted as a black man in Jamaica I encountered less, but the poor tourists.. My Lord!! Anyway anyone who knows what I am talking about!! Take Jamaica off your list… NOW!!

Tangier’s the word for NO! is Lah.. Remember that! it won’t help? But good to learn a new language.. We went for lunch followed by a group of 10 sellers, and when we came out of lunch, which by the way, was very tasty! the group of 10 had turned into 20.. I felt like one of ‘One Direction’ they were like a pack, and as we went in an out of shops the grown got bigger as the word seemed to spread..   I am streetwise, but I can understand this could be a bit much for some, but as we headed back to the coach, and the return trip, there was some rest-bite… Wrong, they would not move, and I think we had one hanging on the back of the coach, as we were doing 30 mph, selling sunglasses at a really good price! until he fell off at a roundabout.. Just as I had me money out, shame really, as they were for YOU??

I have to say, it was a really nice day, and value for money, maybe not so much for my American friend, who paid $300, didn’t have the heart to tell him, how little we paid.. The return trip featured glorious views of Gibraltar, from Tarifa.

So my week has been interesting.. And the wife, has had a coat on a couple of times, which doesn’t please her, but with a couple more days to go! Fingers crossed that she may get a day under the sun..

Had the New Boogie Bunker Radio Website launch, while I have been here Boogie Bunker Radio   Take a look, and it’s always good to get your comments and feedback!


It will keep you up to date on all my shows, and future events.  As well as all the details regarding the station, and it’s presenters, and much, much more.  We are going to be constantly updating the content, and have some great additional features coming online shortly, so sign up, and keep informed.

I have a couple of exciting things coming up, and I will tell you about them, on my return to the UK next week.. But in the meantime, go take a look at the website, and have a great weekend, whatever you have planned.

As always.. You know what to do!!

Holla at Me!!



PS: There rumours of me selling the wife for 4 camels is completely untrue..