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I know it’s been a while… So lot’s to catch up on! So kettle on and click the link for some tunes BBR

World Cup, Brexit, Soulful Sundaes, to name but a few are the topic, we are going to cover.  First up Brexit.. I saw my old mate Danny Dyer on Television, giving his opinion on Brexit, which went viral, and basically, I can’t help but agree with him at every turn.  No matter what side of the argument you are on? Leave or Remain! Your not going to get what you want, and in the mist of it all is a great big mess? And Danny is right? Where is David Cameron! In France, with his trotters up! Darn right! but he is right… What a twat!  David Cameron had the opportunity, as Prime Minister to go to Europe, and said.. We want, and if you don’t give us.. We will leave! And on the result of the Referendum, I have a feeling, he would have got us a great deal, and we would be having our cake and eat it! Instead, and I am going to say it, because Danny couldn’t on National Telly! We are Fucked!! Let’s not make any bones about it, we are in deep shit!



In the last 2 years since the referendum, We as a country have spent Billions, working out how we are going to get out? Without making the country bankrupt? Good luck with that.. Teresa!  Now we all remember that famous £350 Million!  Let’s for a minute, say it exists? The cheapest solution to the Irish Boarder Situation? Would Cost £25 Billion, Yep £25 Billion.. for a £350 million a year saving! You do the math!  Some of the issue’s prior to the referendum was immigration.. That has dropped, mainly from Non-Europeans! and Europeans, has not only dropped, but people leaving the country has increased! mainly Europeans.  One of the concerns of Brexit, is that immigrants, have been the backbone of the country for so many years, that the lack off, or the loss of, does not in-fact create more jobs for British people, because they were the jobs, that Brit’s didn’t want to do! Anyone fancy working 10 hours on a chicken farm, or picking fields in Kent, for 10 hours, on your hands and knees.. Hell No!

Everyone keeps telling me, about getting our boarders back, and control of trade! Sounds good.. But let’s take a look at that.. President Trump, is in the middle of a trade war, and We think that he will do us a favour, by giving us Tariff free access to his US Market? Is that ‘Putting America first‘? I think not, so I can’t see any sweet deals for us? And if there is… What does America have, that we can’t get cheaper, and quicker from Europe? Even with a new Tariff agreement.. After all we are going to get a good deal?

Our Boarders.. Like America, we can dictate, who we let into the country… Even with freedom of movement rules! I will explain…  AT EVERY UK BOARDER THERE IS A SIGN! “We have the right to refuse entry into the UK… TO ANYONE”!  We have control of our Boarders! WE CHOOSE NOT TO!! FACT!!

The final point from the referendum, was our Parliament being in control, and not a bunch of bureaucrats in Brussels.. Fair and interesting point!  Have you ever watched our parliament?  Nuff Said! And let look at some of those rules.. We know the bent Bananas was a joke! So how bad are these rules? And some of the counties having to suffer these rules! I can only talk from personal experience, but I am sure you will see my point, if you have travelled round Europe. Holland, Rotterdam, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, to name a few, each have their problems, but as far as I can see the laws, and rules that those Bureaucrats have put in place, seem to have done each of those countries as service, and each of them, have managed to negotiate favourable terms, while inside the EU!

I am going to leave this topic, for now, and I am sure over coming weeks we will no doubt have to revisit it, but I am praying that Prime Minister Dyer, get’s in and sorts this mess out.. and in his words.. ‘Soon As‘.


World Cup fever is upon us.. And I for one am loving every minute, it have been the only thing that has keep my eye off the Premier League transfer market.. (Come on West Ham, few more players in).  But this World Cup, in Russia has been the first time I have been able to truly believe, we could actually win the thing! Fingers crossed, and not wanting to ‘jinx’ things I will leave the subject there for now… Save to say.. Come on England!!


Summer is here!

Soulful Sundaes Printable

Last weekend we launched ‘Soulful Sundaes’, Boogie Bunker Radio’s Summer Event.  Held in the Glorious Seaside town of Herne Bay, Kent.  We Take over the Central Bandstand, with our partners Makcaris Ice Cream Parlour!  We bring an afternoon of across the board Soul & Dance music, with a hint of Reggae!  We had great weather, and a great crowd throughout the day.  We shall be back every Sunday, as Well as Saturday 11th August for the Famous Herne Bay Carnival, when we will have some extra special guest joining us.

So why not come and join us for a day at the seaside, and some great music. Free entry throughout the Summer!


This week on the family front, hasn’t been great, NO! The wife is very much alive... But her Mother has been unwell, and it has put a strain on the family, as a whole.  My wife is a little bundle of energy, as many of you know? But with hospital visits, and the worry, it does have its effect all round.  I unlike most am very pragmatic, and to some very strong and capable.  Which to a degree I am, I am a good businessman, and run a successful business, which I built from scratch.  But there are days, that my wife puts me to shame!  She has been exhausted, but each day, she gets up, and brushes her teeth, and gets ready for another day, of more unknown.  Yes, there have been tears, and couple of nights of waking up, in her clothes.. Where I have pulled the covers, over her corpse!  I have had to cope with a couple of ‘Bitch‘ moments, but I can take all that, because I look at my wife, with great pride.  My admiration for how she has coped is immense, and I hate to say it… I am a lucky guy, to have such a loving & caring person by my side.. And if anyone tells her, they are a dead person!


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Hi Gang,

It’s that time again… This could take some time.. So hit the link, and put the coffee on! BBR

Have you ever been part of a conversation where the person talking, is talk total rubbish? But you know to put the person straight, will either cause conflict, or will be a complete waste of saliva!  Being married, you would think I encounter a lot of this… She’ll kill me for saying that, but never the less, it’s not the case.  Don’t get me wrong, my wife will commentate on a football match along with ‘Wrighty’, but the Wife gets a pass on this one.

Let me explain.. Have you ever tried explaining to someone who voted to leave the EU, that it’s costing a fortune, and companies are going to the wall, left right and centre. and it’s costing us a fortune? Or how although what is going on in Syria, Britain can’t afford to spend money on either sending troop’s or dropping bombs, and if Trump is happy to do it.. Let him get on with it? or how all of a sudden, the Head of the Metropolitan Police, finally found out where some of these gangs live, and went on a raid?

I am going to lay my cards on the table here, and tackle a couple of these topics, and give them my perspective.  I am just a Guy remember! but I have earned an opinion, I don’t want to ram that opinion down anyones throat, but just hear me out, and write a comment below, everything is up for debate.

Anyone who still thinks that leaving the EU is a good idea, must be having a serious rethink now? I did the math on it some time ago, in another blog, but basically we were looking to save in theory £50 billion a year! We have spent £150 Billion getting out, and we are not there yet?  70% of our trade is done through Europe, which we will now have to pay a tariff, which was previously tariff free! But in years to come we can negotiate with other countries! Who? These countries have always been there to do business with? We didn’t because Europe was cheaper? So why do we think that, its going to be any cheaper doing business with Australia? Do you know how long it take for a ship to arrive from Australia? And whats the Tariff, as they will have us by the short and curlies? As where else can we go?

Do we not think that the EU is thinking… We are going to loose £50 Billion a year, let get some of that back in Tariff’s from the UK, we already get £100 Billion in the divorce bill?  And Consider this… Railways! European owned, Buses! European made, partly owned.  I could go on.. But lets talk Boarders… Not Ireland! I am not going to upset my Celtic brothers, as they shared the same fate as my parents, on arrival to this country, which I was born, and raised. ‘No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish!’

Back to boarders.. The other one? Currently our boarder is in Calais, under a rocky treaty with France.  Has anyone been across to Calais lately? The camps are back, and there are still hundreds a day trying to hop in the back of a lorry, to make their way to the motherland!  These being some of the people we have been trying to enter into our country, and nick our precious jobs in McDonalds!  The Minute the French say the boarder starts in Dover, you will see an influx into this country, like you haven’t seen since the ‘Windrush’ arrived from the Caribbean.  There will not be a thing that we can do about it, apart from build a wall… Sound familiar?

Now, I admit, I am a remain voter, and I have no other political motive than ‘Better the Devil, you know’ principle. If we had a stronger government, we could of negotiated what we wanted on just the threat of leaving, never having to go through with it.. Surely, thats politics? Not bullshitting the people who voted for you?



I wrote last week, about the gang kids murders on the streets of London.  Although we have had a few murders, and one I will touch on shortly.  The head of the Metropolitan police, made a series of raids, and mopped up some guns, drugs, and couple of machine guns, with a few of the brothers finding themselves in custody in the process. I am not clairvoyant, but I predicted a couple of weeks ago that there would be major arrests, and most of these murders would be quickly solved.  Why? Because these are not gangsters, not master criminals, they are kids, no they are idiots!  You killed for fame, props, kudos, to get some form of respect from your gang elders, you dickhead! Why do you think they sent you? Now your in a cell, eating noodles… Whose the dickhead now!


There is an adage ‘don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time!’ Trust me, no one thinks about that at the time? But these kids go to jail, and have no idea what they are going to deal with.  Prisons in the UK, are places of containment, to keep these people away from the public! Rehabilitation has long since been sacrificed, lock em up, and protect the public. Thats fine, but at some stage, these people have to come out, and walk the streets! There is nothing within the current prison system which will help prisoners address their behaviour..  Oh! there is a course, or two.. Which your unlikely fail? I haven’t met anyone who has? The point… These people are idiots, and you need to sit them down, and show them better! Some of these kids are out earning there parents, how you going to be able to show them a different way? What you have achieved thus far.. Promoted a new set of kids, to a higher rank of Gangland idiot.

Last Week and 70 year old man, awoke to find 2 guys burgling his home, he reached for a screw driver, and stabbed and killer one, and the other, as I write, is still on the run.  Now, after a night in custody the homeowner was released, without charge. Clear case of self-defence.  No uproar there! and rightly so, ‘A man and his castle, and all that!’.  The relative of the Murdered man, chose to use a site across the road, to lay flowers in honour of the dead Burglar! Uproar ensued when locals took it among themselves to remove the flowers as they felt it was inappropriate.  Now I refer you to the title of this blog… Are you kidding me!! Surly someone in the murdered guy’s family, must of said ‘thats a bit rich’ Do you think that was the best place to lay flowers? Are you an idiot?

I have been burgled, and it’s a shit feeling, and had I caught them, who knows.. But I double dare you to lay flowers outside my house.. I triple dare you! Some people, and I saw the family on the television trying to justify it.  He was a father, etc, and deserves to be morned, agreed! but not outside the house he tried to burgle, and ended his life.. I am sure his children will look forward to visiting the scene every year, on his anniversary? Some people!


Spring is in the air, I haven’t really smelt it, but we are heading to BBQ season, and I am in the process of watching the wife plan our annual soiree.  Which as usual includes a buffet that could feed all the passengers of the ‘Windrush’ and get the crew suitably bladdered in the process! Alongside a host of DJ’s, We tend to turn our village into party central.  With past BBQ’s having guests such as ‘New Jersey Connection’ Ronnie Canada (Drifters) & Tom Glide to name a few.  We have to limit the invites, so this year.. We are going to put it on the Radio! So everyone can join in the fun, we are flying in my good friend David Manso, to spin some tunes.

Before I go.. I haven’t mentioned West Ham? I got a text from them.. James Renew your season ticket, prices frozen for yet another year.  I again mentioned this a few weeks ago, and that it was unlikely that the board would dare put up prices.  Although, some are having to deal with the ‘horns of a dilemma’ I am not so torn.  Yes, it’s still the cost of two weeks 1st Class, in the Caribbean with the wife.  It is also one afternoon, which win, or lose, the wife and I spend some quality time together. It’s something that I enjoy, and takes me away from my working week, the fact that I can’t hear the wife for 90 minutes is just a bonus, I will have to learn to live with..

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Hi Gang,

It’s that time again, so grab a coffee, and hit the link… Boogie Bunker Radio May as well tune into the station, while you have a read!

It’s Good Friday, and a day of contemplation for most? Me included, yes even me too! I am human, and although not overtly religious these days, I have an a very good understanding about the background of today’s feast.. I even know how ‘Fish’ became the meal of the day!  My Genius has no bounds.. I hope that those who look at today, as one of contemplation, take a moment to consider others.  More over those less fortunate!

I celebrate my Birthday on Easter Sunday, and no I am not saying how old! I have decided that I can do without recycling, cards the next day, so I have set up a donation page which will make donations to Prostate Cancer Donate I would be grateful if you would donate at least £1 to a great cause.  I would like to thank all those who have donated, thus far.



Sometimes in life, people can surprise you? I will explain.  At the Radio Station, we hosted a competition to give away a trip for 2, to Tenerife! Great, and all you had to do was send, in a photo! Easy… Not so.. We got more emails to donate the prize to someone, who worked on the trip, this year, and to back that we received, just 11 entries.

Here’s where the story get even more ironic! We had already recognised the fact that this person, would indeed make a valid member of the Station Team, and therefore would be travelling anyway! For me it was the gesture, from the public, and those who travelled this year, who had, like us seen his contribution.  Be assured, we do recognise those within, and around the team, and we try our best to do something to reward those.

Which still left us with 2 ticket’s for Tenerife! After a meeting with the Sponsor’s, we feel that we have found a solution! Mega Competition Why not have a go?



My Birthday weekend starts with a return to the London Stadium, for West Ham’s game against Southampton. Known as a 6 pointer, to us football fans, it will also be start of the new security measures, after the last game, and the well publicised pitch invasion. I think for now, I have said more than enough with regards to the whole issue, and my feelings with regarding how things are going, at the Club.  I will therefore, forget what has happened in previous weeks, and return with a clean slate, and see if there has been any movement on some of the issues which, in my opinion, could be easily solved, and would be seen as a positive step forward, in the eyes of many fans… Please note, as I write, I am not holding my breath (even as I wrote the last sentence!).


I spoke some weeks ago, about adding an FM/DAB stream to our station, and the regulations for such.  We finally completed the criteria for the Station to broadcast in Spain.  Which we see as an opportunity to increase our reach, across another platform, and opening up to us a new audience.  We would like to thank all those involved in assisting us in obtaining the necessary permissions.  This will also expand our reach during FITS 2019, where we will be able to broadcast to listeners across Spain, on Dual Networks.  Some new branding will be forthcoming, which is very exciting, and will finally take the responsibility of Marketing out of my hands, to which I am eternally gratefully.  It will also mean a base in Spain (Tenerife), which I would be happy to accommodate! If anyone is asking??


It’s that time!! You know what to do!!








Hi Gang,

It’s been a few days since my last blog, and I would like to thank everyone who inboxed me, and it brought forward some healthy debate.  I am going to start with a bit of a follow-up, of the last blog.  It just happened that I was invited to West Ham Stadium, for a meet and greet, with a Q&A with the West Ham Manager, Captain, and former player Carlton Cole.

As a 1966 Season ticket holder, I like others were invited.  After my blog, I had a feeling that my ticket may have got lost in the post… However mine, and my wife’s arrived!


Now, most would think that after our last game, and all the goings on, this would be very much a clear the air session, and a time to answer some tricky questions?  Alas, this was not the case.  What actually happened, was a bit of PR! Out of the 1966 who were invited, less than 1000 attended the 6.15pm start! I’m not going to lie I was there for the buffet & booze.  Which wasn’t as advertised, buffet was nuts & popcorn, you got one free drink, and a JD & Coke cost a tenner!

Carlton kicked off the evening, and considering he hasn’t kicked a ball in anger for West Ham for some years! No one had really come to see him, and as we seemed to be the only black people in the room apart from staff! Carlton and I caught up before he was called to the stage.  First question to Carlton is from Kevin? Our MC announced… Everyone looked around for Kevin? But Kevin’s question was read from a card! as was Brian’s, and Cliff who was clearly from Ipswich, but clearly not in the room! it was soon clear that these questions, had been either made up, or were from supporters who, had missed the last year at West Ham! Moyes & Noble followed suit, and although both were honest with their answers, they were steered well clear of difficult questions, or any from the floor.  There was a raffle, we lost! I was back in Kent by 8.15pm. And we stayed until the end, it was less than 90 mins, and that was that.

I was speaking to a friend and his wife, who also attended. And I know that they are lifelong supporters, and sit a few seats from us.  And his first question to me, was not “what did I think?” But, “was I renewing my season ticket next year?”  Over the last few weeks and months, the wife has asked me the same question? And I am going to try to ‘Nutshell’ it!

I am a football fan, I don’t just watch West Ham, I enjoy a good game on a Sunday Morning. But West Ham are my Team, I enjoy following them, win, lose or draw.  I agree that the Club isn’t being run to it’s best, and I know that the team should be performing better.  But if I don’t buy my seat next year, someone else will, be in no doubt of that! And that someone, will not care how the team is being run, or by who.. They will just want to go and watch a game.  That’s all I want to do!  As I said in my last blog, The Board isn’t going anywhere for now, and I suggest that they don’t try a similar PR stunt for the ‘Firm’, but I guess my position is clear… Let’s not get it twisted, I will still be singing Board Out! at the next game.


I try to be as open as possible in this blog, if I didn’t, it wouldn’t really work.  Many of you know my feelings on Facebook, and the like! Great for promoting your business, and it does make the world smaller.  But, I have seen it destroy lives! I have watched friendships and relationships, play out over social media.  I myself have fallen victim, if someone sets about you on Facebook, your f**ked!  Recently, one of those people had resurfaced, just as the court order ran out! But we have systems in place for this, and we leave it to the police, as I can’t go round giving out kicking’s, these days.  Now recently Facebook has had its own issues to deal with, and in truth they have never been sympathetic, to the plight anyway, as they say it’s “Freedom of speech?”.  No, it’s frigging lies? “Well, they have the right to say it”..  But I have a Court Order.. Then nothing! However today, both my wife and I received a letter from said Facebook, apologising, and stating that all sites, have been asked to remove, and delete, and that includes a list of fake profiles? I was interested to know, how they knew this person had all these fake accounts!! (why do people do that?).

My point is this? Why this week, and not 3 years ago, and what about the other people this person terrorized?  I know that the matter is now, another matter for the police, and hopefully this time, a short prison sentence ensues?  As I am sure that some of my Brother’s, and Sister’s behind closed doors will make them feel welcome, and then post the results on Facebook.. Karma is a Bitch!


Spring!!! What is it? Where is it? And if this is it? How can I dodge it next year? I know one thing!!  Spring includes freezing cold weather, and vast amounts of snow!  I read in a news article, we are heading for one of the hottest summers in UK records… I don’t know, but I will be booking a summer getaway, just in case!

Before I go..

I want to thank my Team on the Radio Station, I have worked with some members of my Team, since the start of Boogie Bunker Radio, some for far longer.  We have gone through a period of changes, and most have been due to growth of the station, some have been forced.  But my Team have been very supportive, and for most the music, is the glue that holds them together.  I make sure the show’s go out on time, and sound good.  I am fortunate that I don’t have to advertise for Presenters, and have a waiting list, and that’s a testament to the Team on the station, that others wish to join them.  So the drinks are on me Boy’s & Girl’s.


You know what to do?





Hi Gang,

I said in my last blog, that I was on my way to a football game, to watch my beloved West Ham United!! And I said we would win 3-1, and that I would live to regret a bold statement, Oh, how wrong was I???

I have never been one to steer away from controversial topics, and there has been a lot said on Vlog’s & forums, as well as the Worlds Press.  So as a West Ham fan, and a Season Ticket Holder, as well as someone who witnessed the scenes at the London Stadium on Saturday During the Burnley game.

I am going to upset some on both sides of the argument, but it is my hope that by the end of this blog, we may find some common ground? I am going to try to use a common sense argument, so outsiders may grasp some understanding!

Some background… Former Birmingham City owners, and alleged West Ham Fans! We willing to Sell their Current club in the hope of buying an in debt, West Ham.  A Club which at the time had been in and out of the top flight, and debt was one of the reasons, for the clubs failings… These 3 David Sullivan, David Gold, & Karren Brady! Seemed like our Saviours.. Ok, they had made their money from the porn industry, but which 14-year-old West Ham fan, didn’t have a copy under their mattress, so we could over look where the cash came from.. As there was talk of the club being 100 Million in debt, and the wife has been known to frequent Ann Summers, so who am I to be casting stones.

We skip forward to around 5 years ago…  Let’s put it this way, 40 points is the total every manager looks to reach every season.. and West Ham were managing to gain those point early on in the season, so for a couple of seasons, there was a possibility for the team to push on, and maybe, we could have an away game somewhere sunny.. You will soon find being a West Ham fan, comes with built-in hope! Long and short of it, it never happened!

There was a chance for us to move into the former Olympic Stadium in the heart of East London. We would sell our ground for redevelopment, make homes, which although well needed in the borough, would be unaffordable for anyone living in the area. But we can overlook that, as with the money we make, we reinvest it back into the club? The London Mayor Boris, (who still has copies of our directors magazines, under his mattress), and friend of Ms Brady (she has a title also), on the promise of a trolley dash round his local Ann Summers, signed off on the deal.

I am going to pause here for a second…. these 3 took on a club around a 100 million in debt, and were now going to move us into a state of the art stadium,  which the tax payer is going to make football friendly. for next 100 years, and your going to have less that 8 million a year for the privilege. And not only that.. what we still owe on the 100 million from when they arrived would be wiped our, and we would have change left over to by a player or two, and not your normal Mexican road sweep either! the guy the warms the bench for Messi.

In a nutshell, those are the fact.. and the reality! I am going to say this now… I love Upton Park, I went to my first game there at 8, or 9. And I have love for the old place, and shared many a fond memory there, and share the last game there, with my wife, which was special night. But without knocking down the ground, and a great deal of the well needed homes around it to do so! Upton Park was never ripe for anything else but redevelopment, and some of the people living in those surrounding houses, have been living there for most of their lives, as most Eastenders do, we are not too keen on moving!

So looking at it as purely a piece of business, it was a dream!! Some fans were not happy, and as I said above, Eastenders are not keen on moving, even those it was a couple of miles up the road.  Which for some, me included! made the journey on a Saturday far easier, and a quicker journey. There were a world of concerns, the fact that the new ground, was a former athletic stadium and the running track was to remain, we would be miles away from the pitch, it wouldn’t feel like West Ham it wouldn’t have the vibe, that feeling, as we were renting, how much could we really do to make it our home, etc..

I shall pause again… Now, thus far, everything the board said would happen, did in a way happen, and with any move their would be a few bumps on the way! The paint wasn’t dry on the new stadium before the building started on the former Upton Park site. Apart from our Marquee Signing, the board had almost done what they said they would.. And remember the club is now quids in.. I remember Highbury, and the fortune Arsenal made is what keep Mr Wenger firmly in that dugout, he has made them a fortune! So the model we know works. Along with the new stadium came a new Manager Slavan Bilic, a former West Ham legend, and a manager of proven statue, and one of our own!!

I want to say this, Slav was a good manager, and right for the job at the time.  But much as I love him, he was never going to attract the marquee signing we were promised, and his head coach was a pensioner who qualified for a bus pass to training! but as I said earlier, we were a mid table side regardless who managed them, and there would be 55, 000 in the stadium on a Saturday, who could take us to safety, and maybe a cup! So there was in reality damage that they could do? and who still doesn’t love Slav!! But we have to agree, not the right man long-term. But there was no reason to sack him, as I said we are a mid table site, not matter how rocky things got, Slav would have got us out of it! and how much did we have to pay him compo? 2.5 million, for six months? Wherever Slav is right now, rest assured!! He’s making good use of his Ann Summers vouchers! But we are loaded as a club, so we can give a former manager a drink!

So the board have one more promise to fulfil.. That marquee signing… Enter Dimitri Payet…  Who!!! This man I believe, is the catalyst for all of West Ham’s current problems. (JJ are you kidding me – ED).  Yes, and I shall explain why! And He is going to be the downfall of this current board.

Lets be perfectly honest, we were happy to have this board, when we was in trouble, and we wanted them BECAUSE… They were a little bit shady!! They are ‘ducker’s’, and ‘divers’ like we are!!! While Dimitri was banging in those superb free kicks, they could nick as much as they wanted, and we never gave a tinkers cuss!! But they Promised Payet further Marquee signings, and a push for Europe, after all we now have a few quid! That was a Lie, to fans, and Payet, which was the beginning of the end! We agree that Slav was never going to attract them, We got Payet, as he had the hump elsewhere! And had always said, if the situation changed he would one day return.. Great for a West Ham fan, very loyal!! Not!! But those free kicks blinded us all to the truth, without further back up, even with Payet we were still a mid table squad.

I know some of the neutrals, are thinking where’s the money going to come from! far question. The wife is the accountant, but I will give it a go! I watch the news, and read newspapers, and am not just online downloading porn ( I have an Ann Summers voucher, wink-wink).  I digress! the simple math. The Board said we would be debt free when we entered the new stadium! Cool, let make that a starting point for this example. so the last 2 years. each year before a ball is kicked we get £90 million from TV, Sponsor’s etc add another £20 million, Lets make this easy… lets call our running costs that £20 million! That includes wages etc, we should still have change for a nice team holiday in there too..  So just from TV there is 180 million floating around…. But we bought a few players… Yes we did… Let have a look at those signings…. in fact lets not… as not one has played where he is supposed to or made the team consistently, and I believe we broke almost even with signing over the last two years.. But to be fair I will chuck in £20 million in fees.. £160 Million floating around somewhere! and I haven’t chucked in the couple of million from season tickets, and the shop! Now in this day and age £160 million could buy just one player, but for a team like West Ham £160 million, makes us contenders for Europe.

From that 160 Million purchasing two further marquee signing to appease both fans, and our Dimitri, would be all it would have taken to abate the current issues, and keep everyone happy, and who knows in the process, may of won a trophy along the way.  But the Board have chosen not to. and that is and was the failing of this Board, and will be their downfall.

Want to hear something really funny.. next year they get double that from TV, so they could have spent, and had very little risk involved! But they have chosen to do nothing.. Slav was replaced with Moyes, and let’s be honest, apart from the Team being fitter, there is very little he can do with a 6 month contract, and sizeable budget.  No we are not going to attract a Jose, or a Fergie to manage our club.  But we are a mid table team without little management, so with the right budget, and wages, we can attract marquee players to our stunning state of the art stadium.



Finally, Back to Saturday.  I sit in the 1966 seating area in the Stadium, and have a view of all areas.  Saturday was about celebrating Former West Ham Legend Sir Bobby Moore, and after a first half where West Ham could easily been 3/4 ahead at half time… Then the madness began.. I don’t care what your issues are with the board! and I agree with a lot of them, but protest the car park, even I know where to find the board on a Saturday afternoon.. And it’s not on the centre circle? I go to the games, and although I find most of the chants amusing, and it helps charge the atmosphere, there are kids around me, and I fear for their ears sometimes, and laugh that they know all the words!  But the behaviour on Saturday wasn’t on, and there is no excuse, and I support fully banning them for LIFE as they are mug’s, and I saw one of them take a beating from fellow West Ham supporters who were equally aggrieved by the situation, but sorry fella, but you got some Eastend justice, and I sympathise very little for you soreness on Sunday, when you was in the cells!! Did you really think you was going to get away with it? All of you?


Your actions on Saturday insured us a hefty fine, and possible point deduction at a time when we need every point! And you show West Ham, around the world as a bunch of Muppets, as I was watch this unfold in the Stadium, my friend in Tenerife who was watching live was doing like wise, and others worldwide! You got something to say to the Board, go and find them.. email them, stand in the car park, go to their local, pop into a shop… lol


I know you don’t feel heard, but face it you’re not! Because they know what you want to say, THEY KNOW!!! They pick up a paper, read the forums, for christ sake they contribute to a few…

But… and hear me, when I say this.. THEY ARE GOING NOWHERE FOR NOW.. Protest all you want!! THEY ARE NOT LEAVING!! WHY.. I WILL TELL YOU!!

They own 25 players.. nothing else! The ground isn’t our, we kind of own Rush Green, but we own 25 players and a car park!! They need to own the stadium!! Then they have a football Club, and we can see things shifting in a way, where it is cheaper for the current Mayor of London to offload the ground to the Club, to save him a fortune each year, and in effect we get the stadium dirt cheap, if not for nothing!!!  Then you have something which you can sell!! So we are stuck with them for the foreseeable! And as I said at the beginning of this very long blog, you may not agree with everything I have said, but I have tried to keep it real, for myself, and hopefully for other fans alike!!

But I will finish as I began, the optimistic West Ham fan, my hope is that we survive this Season, which I don’t doubt, but you know me for predictions? Baroness Brady has a word with the Mayor in the Summer!! And get us the ground, without it we are lumbered!! She may have to offer something more than the Ann Summer’s Vouchers, or free subscriptions, this guy is a Muslim!! He can have 7 wives!! and she is partial to a wedding (ouch!!), so who knows. When we have the ground they will gladly sell… And hopefully to an Oil Rich Sheik who has got bored with horse’s!! And want to buy a team to play with!! Yes please!!

But Southampton at Home is a crucial fixture!  If it’s not played behind closed doors?? I will be there, and I hope all those who have something to say to the board, are outside the ground bright and early on Saturday in time for the boards arrive, shout, scream, wave your banners, and if it’s snowing, I think this is a time to ignore the yellow snow warnings! and aim high!! But leaving outside the ground, the world is watching?

You know what to do?

Holla at Me!!