Hi Gang,

My last blog about the ‘Windrush Generation’ draw a few raised eyebrows from certain quarters, this blog is going to require a diaper for some!! Hold tight!

I woke this morning to see Nigel Farage, and some young black guy debating St Georges day, which it happens to be today.  For those of you who do not know who Saint George is well I will give you a quick run down.. First he was Turkish, and their were no dragons, and your going to have to trust me on that one! So he is about as English, as St Patrick was Irish? (He wasn’t Irish?).  Nigel Farage was saying we should celebrate today, and the English flag!


Now some in the UK, will be slightly confused by the above image, some will note that it doesn’t have the words ‘ENGLAND’ or bear ‘THREE LIONS’

Now it’s the patron saint of England’s day, so why would there be a debate about this day, and the flag.  I key reason is why Nigel Farage, who has some very radical views, on immigration, and we can say very Pro-Brexit!  Also Parties, like his former party BNP have used this flag in a very right-wing context.  The defunct ‘National Front’ made this flag a symbol for their party, and for those who shared their beliefs, and parties, of the same ilk have used the flag also in a similar fashion.  So it was logical, and more-so this week when we again learn more from the Government with regards the ‘Windrush’ debacle.  I shall say this, and end the ‘Windrush’ debate! Our current Government, can try to pass the buck, and say that they are not at fault.. Bullshit! Regardless, of lost/destroyed Landing cards, or anything else…

In the last 40 plus years, there have been at least 5 Census’s, at which stage everyone gives details which, will have been more than sufficient to clarify any status, or the fact of Citizenship? Or is that too easy… So Mrs May, you can no longer dodge the bullet.. Just fix it, and compensate the people involved.

Back to the Flag and the Turk! As I explained above, there has been very little for ethnic minorities to see today, that they should be flying this flag, from the top of their homes.  Now people around the world, may find this whole situation a little odd.. So I shall explain for those of you who live in a normal country with one flag..


Great Britain is made up of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales.  No the dragon on the Welsh Flag has nothing to do with George’s Dragon.. I did point this out earlier! never the less.  A black Scotsman (yeah, there are black ones there). Can wear his flag with pride! As could a Welshman, and yes indeed, there are Black Paddy’s whom can also fly their National flag with pride! Now picture this.. Me walking down Brixton High Street waving an English Flag. I am not too sure, who would give me a beating first.. But rest assured the ‘Brothers’ Wouldn’t be best pleased!!

I want to make it very clear, I was born in England, and within the sound of Bow Belles. which makes me more of a Londoner than ‘Jim Davison’ and more to the point, more of an Englishman than Nigel Farage! But much as I would like to celebrate this flag, and what it should stand for in my country, unfortunately I cannot celebrate the day!  Much as I am grateful for all the dragon slaying! It doesn’t take away from the fact that I am British, and until the people of England, take back their flag, so that all creeds, colours, and races, can pick up the flag, and wave it in celebration of being English regardless of Colour.  Being British is the best we can hope for! My passport say’s British Citizen, Not English National, and my pride for my country isn’t based on a flag! But a belief that being British means something around the World, Being English, is a statement!


Now, I know some are going to say that I am letting the racist win, far from it.. I have had to deal with people who see this flag as a racist symbol, for most of my life. And I see it in different connotations, every Saturday at West Ham’s Stadium? I have also be in the old stadium, when the flag was used as a warning that although we would suffer Black players, Black fans where a step too far.. Unless you could punch a skinhead or too!  Those days thankfully are over (ish).  But the memories are still fresh for some, I remember this same flag being burned by people, who saw it as a symbol of the National Front!

I am proud to be British, and it’s not a status I would give up lightly.  Am I am happy to fly the Union Jack from my flag pole! But when it comes to celebrating my English Heritage, I am going to have to pass on that one.  And many of my community feel the same way, and if you ask the question the reason will be the same? Try it? You don’t need too!! You know I am right, and that’s the shame.

St George’s day, should be a national holiday, but until you we take back our flag 60% of England, won’t be able to celebrate the day.

Comments below…

You know what to do..




Hi Gang,

I have taken a few days, before I wrote this weeks blog, and I hoped that i would have time to gather the fact, and in that time, I further hoped that I would calm down… Not much chance for the latter I afraid, So this blog may not be for the faint of heart!

Never has there been a more controversial Home Secretary, than Theresa May.  Some will remember ‘Short, Sharp, Shock’ Willie Whitelaw.  However Mrs May took the crown, on all fronts.  A post that she held for many years, and through many a controversy.  As head of the prisons, and immigration, as well as the police, she managed to be hated by them all! the lady was not for turning, and was pleased each reshuffle when she found herself keeping the post.

Any politician with half a brain, would have worked out that she was not keeping her job, it was just that no one wanted the job, after she had made a hash of the whole department.  In the end they broke up the department, so that it was palatable, to a potential successor!  That never really happen, as she volunteered for another job, which no one at the time wanted, within her party.. Prime Minister!

So let’s get to it… Most leaders, are in a position, to blame others for what happened in the past, Trump blames Obama, Cameron blamed Blair, the list goes on.. Always someone else, but not in this case. Theresa May, was Home Secretary, and she created the bills concerned, the fact that she is now Prime Minister, she has to face this issue head on.. Yes I am talking ‘Windrush’ and the fallout.


For those of you who do not know, I will give a little background.  After the second world war, Britain faced a shortage of labour, as the country was in need of rebuilding after the blitz, and sort help from its commonwealth counterparts.  Namely the West Indies, and offered Caribbean members the opportunity to come to Britain for work, and a new life, in the land of their queen.  Promises were made, the key one being, not just commonwealth citizenship, but British Citizenship, for them and their families.

Although, thousands of miles away from any warfare, apart from recruits being sort from these same Caribbean islands, for the British services. Britain had very little use for these islands in the Caribbean, apart from a holiday destination for the wealthy.

Poverty therefore on these islands were high, and the chance to earn, and live elsewhere, on streets, paved of gold, was an opportunity, many could not refuse.  Further, their citizenship being ratified by the Queen, was far too much an offer to turn down.  Although the Empire Windrush, was not the only ship bringing West Indians to the UK, right up to the early 1960’s, the so-called ‘Windrush Generation‘ continued to arrive in the UK, Same promises, and the demand for workers just as high.

Many will know that children under a certain age, were able to travel on a Parents Passport? I myself never had a passport until I was in my teens, and that was only because I was no longer on my Mothers passport, but I remember the hoops I had to jump through to get it, as I didn’t in theory exist? I will get back to that! So many arrived here, from the Caribbean as children, without any documentation.  Anything from the West Indies, became useless on arrival in the UK, and it would take years to build a history in a new land.

A Passport is not only a form of ID, the wording inside (I see you reaching for yours).  Is a declaration backed by the sovereign (Government), that the person bearing this document is not only the true person, and has been verified as such, and should be given freedom of passage as a sovereign citizen.  In lay-mans terms ‘I’m British and should be treated as a British and if anyone has a problem with that… Ask the queen, she will vouch for me!! no other document does that.. No, not your birth certificate!

In the early 70’s Britain, stated that those who had arrived from Commonwealth Countries would be given the right to citizenship, and those would be afforded the rights as anyone Britain, and with that came ‘indefinite leave to remain’ in the UK. Naively some of these people from the Caribbean, did not realise that this meant you had to affirm that right! HOW? The easiest way? Apply for a British passport!  Why? The checks made to apply for a British passport, someone to confirm that they know you, and that the photo you are using is a true likeness, that person must have known you for a number of years, you need a birth certificate, NHS number, etc! Years of background information which they kind of have anyway, and its all cross checked! then if you are who you say you are, Bingo! British passport official British citizen!

th (2)

What if you came here, in the 50’s, worked (as little proof was needed to get a job), worked for 30 years, never took a holiday? Paid taxes, National insurance, bought a home! Retired, and thought I will treat myself to a holiday of a lifetime, and return to the Caribbean, and visit what is left of my family.  You have no birth certificate! As your mother has long passed! So has the hospital you were born in! (hurricane in 1980). But you’ve paid tax, NI, have your marriage certificate from Hackney Town Hall. So you gather what papers you have, go into a travel agents, book your flights, and head off to London to apply for your passport. You have filled out the form as best you can, and produce what you have as documentation! your told to return the next day, as it will take time to process, in excitement you arrive at the passport office bright and early, and await for your name to be called.

‘Mr Johnson’ that’s me.. Come with us, Mr Johnson never saw his home in Tottenham again. Those two gentlemen at the passport office took him into a back room, where he was informed that, he was illegally in the UK, and was to be taken into detention, and possibly deported, to Jamaica. Fact or Fiction?

In 2009, So Mrs May has tried to slip out of this one… It was not on my watch! Well sorry love, laws don’t come in over night? you may of left office, but it was your brainchild! The Brexit debate had brought immigration to the forefront, and in an attempt to stop Europeans from coming to the UK, to burden our NHS, and our Benefits, our Theresa panicked and came up with a law, with the effects of we are now debating.  Now let’s be very clear! There was more to this law! It was also a way of quickly deporting anyone Britain felt unsuitable. The law is long-winded, and basically states, that unless you can produce 4 bits of ID, you’re not eligible, for Work, Benefits, NHS, and will be subject to deportation.

Now I was Born in Ilford, Essex. in 1966. I do not have 4 bits of official ID? I do however have a passport? Which I mentioned earlier? I was previously on my Mothers passport, have travelled back to the Caribbean in the 70’s. At which time my mother applied for her first British passport (yep, my mum’s safe…). When I went to apply for my first passport, I took Birth Certificate, photo, NHS card, etc. Now we know that one of the questions is? Have you had a passport before? Yes I had technically, as I had travelled, But it wasn’t in my name? how do you put that down on a form? Long story short, I had to go to court, and get a signed affidavit signed by a judge, to confirm who I am? I shit you not!

Now how many of you, have 4 bits of ID? If you don’t have a passport which, I may add is the only document excepted a proof of who you are in the UK? Because you will need those documents to get a passport! But don’t got with just 3 bits to the passport office, as you may find yourself on a plane!


As I write, there have been apology’s, and yet we have no idea of the numbers who have fallen foul of Ms May’s Dickensian law, How many have been returned to a country, that they know in name only! How many have been sacked, and become unemployable! How many have been denied NHS treatment? How many have died due to the stress of such a situation?  Theresa May, you can shove your apology up that well-heeled arse of yours! As I for one am not listening.  And as I don’t think the police, will be beating on my door over this comment, as they know what your really all about.

Ms May, I implore you to not waste time apologising, as without the about figures, you apology is merely lip service, at which I know you are proficient. You need to stand up in parliament, and say, everyone involved will be compensated, those deported? returned, and those who have been denied treatment, given access immediately. with access to all services…. Today!!

Failure to do so will lead to not only more people falling foul of this stupid law, which was put in place to reduce the number of Polish entering the UK? Who I don’t see being asked for 4 bits of ID? And are not in detention centres, having been a law-abiding, Tax paying, national insurance contributing, British Citizens, for all of their Lives.

They have done their bit for this country, Now Theresa, do what you paid to do.. and put it right… NOW!

HOLLA AT ME! (You too Theresa)



Hi Gang,

It’s that time again… This could take some time.. So hit the link, and put the coffee on! BBR

Have you ever been part of a conversation where the person talking, is talk total rubbish? But you know to put the person straight, will either cause conflict, or will be a complete waste of saliva!  Being married, you would think I encounter a lot of this… She’ll kill me for saying that, but never the less, it’s not the case.  Don’t get me wrong, my wife will commentate on a football match along with ‘Wrighty’, but the Wife gets a pass on this one.

Let me explain.. Have you ever tried explaining to someone who voted to leave the EU, that it’s costing a fortune, and companies are going to the wall, left right and centre. and it’s costing us a fortune? Or how although what is going on in Syria, Britain can’t afford to spend money on either sending troop’s or dropping bombs, and if Trump is happy to do it.. Let him get on with it? or how all of a sudden, the Head of the Metropolitan Police, finally found out where some of these gangs live, and went on a raid?

I am going to lay my cards on the table here, and tackle a couple of these topics, and give them my perspective.  I am just a Guy remember! but I have earned an opinion, I don’t want to ram that opinion down anyones throat, but just hear me out, and write a comment below, everything is up for debate.

Anyone who still thinks that leaving the EU is a good idea, must be having a serious rethink now? I did the math on it some time ago, in another blog, but basically we were looking to save in theory £50 billion a year! We have spent £150 Billion getting out, and we are not there yet?  70% of our trade is done through Europe, which we will now have to pay a tariff, which was previously tariff free! But in years to come we can negotiate with other countries! Who? These countries have always been there to do business with? We didn’t because Europe was cheaper? So why do we think that, its going to be any cheaper doing business with Australia? Do you know how long it take for a ship to arrive from Australia? And whats the Tariff, as they will have us by the short and curlies? As where else can we go?

Do we not think that the EU is thinking… We are going to loose £50 Billion a year, let get some of that back in Tariff’s from the UK, we already get £100 Billion in the divorce bill?  And Consider this… Railways! European owned, Buses! European made, partly owned.  I could go on.. But lets talk Boarders… Not Ireland! I am not going to upset my Celtic brothers, as they shared the same fate as my parents, on arrival to this country, which I was born, and raised. ‘No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish!’

Back to boarders.. The other one? Currently our boarder is in Calais, under a rocky treaty with France.  Has anyone been across to Calais lately? The camps are back, and there are still hundreds a day trying to hop in the back of a lorry, to make their way to the motherland!  These being some of the people we have been trying to enter into our country, and nick our precious jobs in McDonalds!  The Minute the French say the boarder starts in Dover, you will see an influx into this country, like you haven’t seen since the ‘Windrush’ arrived from the Caribbean.  There will not be a thing that we can do about it, apart from build a wall… Sound familiar?

Now, I admit, I am a remain voter, and I have no other political motive than ‘Better the Devil, you know’ principle. If we had a stronger government, we could of negotiated what we wanted on just the threat of leaving, never having to go through with it.. Surely, thats politics? Not bullshitting the people who voted for you?



I wrote last week, about the gang kids murders on the streets of London.  Although we have had a few murders, and one I will touch on shortly.  The head of the Metropolitan police, made a series of raids, and mopped up some guns, drugs, and couple of machine guns, with a few of the brothers finding themselves in custody in the process. I am not clairvoyant, but I predicted a couple of weeks ago that there would be major arrests, and most of these murders would be quickly solved.  Why? Because these are not gangsters, not master criminals, they are kids, no they are idiots!  You killed for fame, props, kudos, to get some form of respect from your gang elders, you dickhead! Why do you think they sent you? Now your in a cell, eating noodles… Whose the dickhead now!


There is an adage ‘don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time!’ Trust me, no one thinks about that at the time? But these kids go to jail, and have no idea what they are going to deal with.  Prisons in the UK, are places of containment, to keep these people away from the public! Rehabilitation has long since been sacrificed, lock em up, and protect the public. Thats fine, but at some stage, these people have to come out, and walk the streets! There is nothing within the current prison system which will help prisoners address their behaviour..  Oh! there is a course, or two.. Which your unlikely fail? I haven’t met anyone who has? The point… These people are idiots, and you need to sit them down, and show them better! Some of these kids are out earning there parents, how you going to be able to show them a different way? What you have achieved thus far.. Promoted a new set of kids, to a higher rank of Gangland idiot.

Last Week and 70 year old man, awoke to find 2 guys burgling his home, he reached for a screw driver, and stabbed and killer one, and the other, as I write, is still on the run.  Now, after a night in custody the homeowner was released, without charge. Clear case of self-defence.  No uproar there! and rightly so, ‘A man and his castle, and all that!’.  The relative of the Murdered man, chose to use a site across the road, to lay flowers in honour of the dead Burglar! Uproar ensued when locals took it among themselves to remove the flowers as they felt it was inappropriate.  Now I refer you to the title of this blog… Are you kidding me!! Surly someone in the murdered guy’s family, must of said ‘thats a bit rich’ Do you think that was the best place to lay flowers? Are you an idiot?

I have been burgled, and it’s a shit feeling, and had I caught them, who knows.. But I double dare you to lay flowers outside my house.. I triple dare you! Some people, and I saw the family on the television trying to justify it.  He was a father, etc, and deserves to be morned, agreed! but not outside the house he tried to burgle, and ended his life.. I am sure his children will look forward to visiting the scene every year, on his anniversary? Some people!


Spring is in the air, I haven’t really smelt it, but we are heading to BBQ season, and I am in the process of watching the wife plan our annual soiree.  Which as usual includes a buffet that could feed all the passengers of the ‘Windrush’ and get the crew suitably bladdered in the process! Alongside a host of DJ’s, We tend to turn our village into party central.  With past BBQ’s having guests such as ‘New Jersey Connection’ Ronnie Canada (Drifters) & Tom Glide to name a few.  We have to limit the invites, so this year.. We are going to put it on the Radio! So everyone can join in the fun, we are flying in my good friend David Manso, to spin some tunes.

Before I go.. I haven’t mentioned West Ham? I got a text from them.. James Renew your season ticket, prices frozen for yet another year.  I again mentioned this a few weeks ago, and that it was unlikely that the board would dare put up prices.  Although, some are having to deal with the ‘horns of a dilemma’ I am not so torn.  Yes, it’s still the cost of two weeks 1st Class, in the Caribbean with the wife.  It is also one afternoon, which win, or lose, the wife and I spend some quality time together. It’s something that I enjoy, and takes me away from my working week, the fact that I can’t hear the wife for 90 minutes is just a bonus, I will have to learn to live with..

You know what to do…





Hi Gang,

As you can see from the title of this blog? I am not a happy bunny today, in fact I can’t really put into words how I am feeling!  In my 50 plus years on this planet, I have witnessed many things, and I have witnessed people at their very worst..

But for the last two morning’s I have woken up to the news of 2 Murders in the capital, 4 in 2 days!! That’s 50 in London this year, now I am going to say it… These are mainly within the Black Community.  And perpetrated by members of the same community!! Now, I come from that same community, and I come from those same streets.  In fact, as many of you know, and I never make secret of it.  I have been where those perpetrators are likely to find themselves.  But for the life of me, I just can not fathom it out, and I can’t put into words, how these incidents have effected me.  I have no personal involvement in any of the families involved, but my heart, and deepest thoughts go out to them, and for the families of those who carried out these mindless crimes.

As I said, I come from this community, and those very same streets.  I understand that there will be disputes, and these can inevitably end in violence.  That’s the code of the streets! Understand that, and the code, that can lead to that kind of behaviour.  I don’t condone such behaviour! but can understand that mentality.. But the mindless nature of these acts, and the short time scale, not only made me feel concern, but I soon realised that this may not be as random, as first seemed on the surface.  Shortly into todays news reports, I realised, that this could be a case of tit, for tat! Which make the whole situation even more concerning!

Houston, We have a Problem!! Hell yeah! We have taken our eye off the ball, we have been so caught up, with Russia trying to wipe out their own, and how much is Brexit really gonna cost us! We have been so wrapped up with day-to-day stuff, which the man on the street has very little control over, other than vote every 5 years.  We have a war going on, right here in London!  In fact, it’s going on across the country, but you can’t hide what is going on our streets.

Anyone who read some of my earlier blog’s will know that, I have discussed these issues before, and I can only see a short-term solution of locking a lot of people up! This is nothing new for the Black community, and I don’t want to make light of any other Nationality behind bars, but statistic’s don’t lie.  I said a long time ago, that no government is going to effectively solve the issues of crime on our streets, and solve the problems we have in society, and time soon… UNLESS!! They are prepared to borrow hugely!! And that is highly unlikely, as it’s not a vote winner! But I think they are wrong?

If a politician came to me and said, we are going to borrow Billions, and build the houses we need, and fund the NHS, and put more police on the streets, give a better choice of education for our children… But your great grand children will have to pay extra in tax for that to happen… JJ the 4th, better get a good job! It’s a no brainer, there is so much wrong with how we are currently living in this country, that believe me, I love!   There is no quick fix, and no cheap solution, so stop looking for it! And until we realise that the reason why our Police forces are fucked, is because they are under funded! CCTV only catches a person after the crime? A Bobby on the street prevents it!  I grew up with a Local Bobby, and he was never the enemy, if fact he prevented more crime than any CCTV.  But he cost’s, and we are frittering money on stuff, which from what I can see, is plunging us deeper in the shit!


We have spent a lot of time looking to apportion blame, parents, society, Uncle Tom, and Joe Cobbly, whoever they are… Well, Stop the blame bit… Let’s start looking for solutions!  I have already said, solutions are not cheap and therefore the question is? Can we get our government to find, and more to the point, make them spend the money needed.  Cut’s cannot be a solution to any problem, and I don’t care how much we will save, by not being part of the EU, we need to be spending the money now!

Now, I have no idea how we begin to do this, I have over the last few weeks spoken to many group, and community programs, and I have been willing to put the full weight, of the Radio Station, and whatever backing is needed to do something to something to stop me from waking, to yet another 2 murders, tomorrow morning.  In my quest for a group, and project, which would in some way forge a solution to the problems, that I see the youth of today having to deal with… Trust me, there seem to be many! But… And I don’t want to be political, none seem to want to confront the real problem as I see it..

Our children currently seem to be bound for a prison cell, or the Cemetery! Unfortunately, Living in London, those are the facts for a young black male! Under 27.. But do any of these kids, and I will call them kids, understand what either LIFE Imprisonment, or LIFE underground really means!! It’s not gangster, it’s not a joke!  But without any hope of a future, how can we offer them, an option to a life of crime!

Crime is fun, it’s a rush, its real life TV, it’s an earner! All Bullshit! Trust me, there is not a guy, or girl, that doesn’t sit in a police cell, and have a moment of regret! That’s not gangster! As for Prison, It’s not fun, It’s more dangerous than any street, or Postcode that you’re trying to protect! And as a wise man once told me ‘When push comes to shove, there will only ever be one of you, and if your lucky your cell mate to have your back!! Against 900 other, and 100 uniforms!’ How are you ever going to win!  Gangsters NEVER go to prison? And if they do? They go to a prison, that you will never in your whole sentence get to see? And for why? Real Gangsters are the CEO’s of major corporations, or are running the country, they have to really fuck up to see the inside of a cell, so don’t talk to me about Gangster.

You think you’re not going to get caught? If you spent more time in your homes, with your families.  You would probably know that much of TV these day’s is crime based, and from CSI, to Police, Camera, Action! Means not only are you going to get caught, but your going to get 100 thousand hit’s on YouTube in the process! So that no matter what prison you go to, your ensured to be the butt of everyone’s jokes! which in turn will insure that you will be walking around with a ‘kick me’ sign on your back for the rest of your long sentence!

While we are on the subject.. You ‘Kids’ need to know this.. I have mentioned the drop in Bobby’s on our street’s and I for one miss them.. But what we have not seen a drop in, is Armed response units! We can thank our neighbouring Community for that! And thank Allah for that. Know this, Sooner or later the police policy will become ‘shoot first’ ask questions later! This currently isn’t the policy, but be in no doubt! That at those ‘Cobra’ meeting Teresa has, it hasn’t come up in conversation.  My point, you ‘Kids’ very rarely shoot, your intended target! you always hit the bloke coming home from work, the child coming home from school… Or the guy standing next to the person you came to kill, with your bad self! And from 12 foot, from the safety of your car you let rip… And because not only are you a dickhead, you realise it’s not like ‘Scarface’ and by the time, you fired the first shot, the fart from your drivers backside, has sent the car speeding off down the Road, in full view of CCTV, which at some later date will see you not only get those YouTube hits, but a lengthy prison sentence to boot! And rightly so I say..


My whole point is this, I am not saying anything that the blind can not see? I am a parent, and a Grand father, and this isn’t what I want for my Grand Children.  I would rather that they have to work harder in the future, if it means that they live longer! I don’t care who wants, and who runs, what turf! Postcode’s for me, are how I get my post each day.  I want to feel safe when I walk the streets, I want my family to feel safe when they walk the streets… I also want YOU to be safe when you walk the streets!

Because if we can’t then you know what… We are not FREE! And in our community, in fact in any community! We are slaves’ and these ‘kids’ are our masters! Until we are prepared to have a serious debate about this issue, and get the right people around that discussion table.. I will be continually be writing blog’s of this type, and my answer will still be the same.  I keep being told about how much debt this country was in during the 70’s, and how borrowing was high! If you’re not old enough to remember, ask your parents.. I am… They were the best years of my life! Think my folks would agree?

I thought, that this rant would make me feel better… It didn’t, and I don’t think that was my plan deep down.. I just need someone to tell me, I’m not crazy!


You know what to do?







Hi Gang,

It’s that time again, so grab a coffee, and hit the link… Boogie Bunker Radio May as well tune into the station, while you have a read!

It’s Good Friday, and a day of contemplation for most? Me included, yes even me too! I am human, and although not overtly religious these days, I have an a very good understanding about the background of today’s feast.. I even know how ‘Fish’ became the meal of the day!  My Genius has no bounds.. I hope that those who look at today, as one of contemplation, take a moment to consider others.  More over those less fortunate!

I celebrate my Birthday on Easter Sunday, and no I am not saying how old! I have decided that I can do without recycling, cards the next day, so I have set up a donation page which will make donations to Prostate Cancer Donate I would be grateful if you would donate at least £1 to a great cause.  I would like to thank all those who have donated, thus far.



Sometimes in life, people can surprise you? I will explain.  At the Radio Station, we hosted a competition to give away a trip for 2, to Tenerife! Great, and all you had to do was send, in a photo! Easy… Not so.. We got more emails to donate the prize to someone, who worked on the trip, this year, and to back that we received, just 11 entries.

Here’s where the story get even more ironic! We had already recognised the fact that this person, would indeed make a valid member of the Station Team, and therefore would be travelling anyway! For me it was the gesture, from the public, and those who travelled this year, who had, like us seen his contribution.  Be assured, we do recognise those within, and around the team, and we try our best to do something to reward those.

Which still left us with 2 ticket’s for Tenerife! After a meeting with the Sponsor’s, we feel that we have found a solution! Mega Competition Why not have a go?



My Birthday weekend starts with a return to the London Stadium, for West Ham’s game against Southampton. Known as a 6 pointer, to us football fans, it will also be start of the new security measures, after the last game, and the well publicised pitch invasion. I think for now, I have said more than enough with regards to the whole issue, and my feelings with regarding how things are going, at the Club.  I will therefore, forget what has happened in previous weeks, and return with a clean slate, and see if there has been any movement on some of the issues which, in my opinion, could be easily solved, and would be seen as a positive step forward, in the eyes of many fans… Please note, as I write, I am not holding my breath (even as I wrote the last sentence!).


I spoke some weeks ago, about adding an FM/DAB stream to our station, and the regulations for such.  We finally completed the criteria for the Station to broadcast in Spain.  Which we see as an opportunity to increase our reach, across another platform, and opening up to us a new audience.  We would like to thank all those involved in assisting us in obtaining the necessary permissions.  This will also expand our reach during FITS 2019, where we will be able to broadcast to listeners across Spain, on Dual Networks.  Some new branding will be forthcoming, which is very exciting, and will finally take the responsibility of Marketing out of my hands, to which I am eternally gratefully.  It will also mean a base in Spain (Tenerife), which I would be happy to accommodate! If anyone is asking??


It’s that time!! You know what to do!!








Hi Gang,

It’s been a few days since my last blog, and I would like to thank everyone who inboxed me, and it brought forward some healthy debate.  I am going to start with a bit of a follow-up, of the last blog.  It just happened that I was invited to West Ham Stadium, for a meet and greet, with a Q&A with the West Ham Manager, Captain, and former player Carlton Cole.

As a 1966 Season ticket holder, I like others were invited.  After my blog, I had a feeling that my ticket may have got lost in the post… However mine, and my wife’s arrived!


Now, most would think that after our last game, and all the goings on, this would be very much a clear the air session, and a time to answer some tricky questions?  Alas, this was not the case.  What actually happened, was a bit of PR! Out of the 1966 who were invited, less than 1000 attended the 6.15pm start! I’m not going to lie I was there for the buffet & booze.  Which wasn’t as advertised, buffet was nuts & popcorn, you got one free drink, and a JD & Coke cost a tenner!

Carlton kicked off the evening, and considering he hasn’t kicked a ball in anger for West Ham for some years! No one had really come to see him, and as we seemed to be the only black people in the room apart from staff! Carlton and I caught up before he was called to the stage.  First question to Carlton is from Kevin? Our MC announced… Everyone looked around for Kevin? But Kevin’s question was read from a card! as was Brian’s, and Cliff who was clearly from Ipswich, but clearly not in the room! it was soon clear that these questions, had been either made up, or were from supporters who, had missed the last year at West Ham! Moyes & Noble followed suit, and although both were honest with their answers, they were steered well clear of difficult questions, or any from the floor.  There was a raffle, we lost! I was back in Kent by 8.15pm. And we stayed until the end, it was less than 90 mins, and that was that.

I was speaking to a friend and his wife, who also attended. And I know that they are lifelong supporters, and sit a few seats from us.  And his first question to me, was not “what did I think?” But, “was I renewing my season ticket next year?”  Over the last few weeks and months, the wife has asked me the same question? And I am going to try to ‘Nutshell’ it!

I am a football fan, I don’t just watch West Ham, I enjoy a good game on a Sunday Morning. But West Ham are my Team, I enjoy following them, win, lose or draw.  I agree that the Club isn’t being run to it’s best, and I know that the team should be performing better.  But if I don’t buy my seat next year, someone else will, be in no doubt of that! And that someone, will not care how the team is being run, or by who.. They will just want to go and watch a game.  That’s all I want to do!  As I said in my last blog, The Board isn’t going anywhere for now, and I suggest that they don’t try a similar PR stunt for the ‘Firm’, but I guess my position is clear… Let’s not get it twisted, I will still be singing Board Out! at the next game.


I try to be as open as possible in this blog, if I didn’t, it wouldn’t really work.  Many of you know my feelings on Facebook, and the like! Great for promoting your business, and it does make the world smaller.  But, I have seen it destroy lives! I have watched friendships and relationships, play out over social media.  I myself have fallen victim, if someone sets about you on Facebook, your f**ked!  Recently, one of those people had resurfaced, just as the court order ran out! But we have systems in place for this, and we leave it to the police, as I can’t go round giving out kicking’s, these days.  Now recently Facebook has had its own issues to deal with, and in truth they have never been sympathetic, to the plight anyway, as they say it’s “Freedom of speech?”.  No, it’s frigging lies? “Well, they have the right to say it”..  But I have a Court Order.. Then nothing! However today, both my wife and I received a letter from said Facebook, apologising, and stating that all sites, have been asked to remove, and delete, and that includes a list of fake profiles? I was interested to know, how they knew this person had all these fake accounts!! (why do people do that?).

My point is this? Why this week, and not 3 years ago, and what about the other people this person terrorized?  I know that the matter is now, another matter for the police, and hopefully this time, a short prison sentence ensues?  As I am sure that some of my Brother’s, and Sister’s behind closed doors will make them feel welcome, and then post the results on Facebook.. Karma is a Bitch!


Spring!!! What is it? Where is it? And if this is it? How can I dodge it next year? I know one thing!!  Spring includes freezing cold weather, and vast amounts of snow!  I read in a news article, we are heading for one of the hottest summers in UK records… I don’t know, but I will be booking a summer getaway, just in case!

Before I go..

I want to thank my Team on the Radio Station, I have worked with some members of my Team, since the start of Boogie Bunker Radio, some for far longer.  We have gone through a period of changes, and most have been due to growth of the station, some have been forced.  But my Team have been very supportive, and for most the music, is the glue that holds them together.  I make sure the show’s go out on time, and sound good.  I am fortunate that I don’t have to advertise for Presenters, and have a waiting list, and that’s a testament to the Team on the station, that others wish to join them.  So the drinks are on me Boy’s & Girl’s.


You know what to do?





Hi Gang,

I hope that you all had a good week? And are looking forward to a relaxing weekend, as much as I am!  For some, you may not agree that my weekend is, what some would call relaxing!  I begin my Saturday with a trip to the London Stadium to watch West Ham take on Burnley.  Whom I hope this trip down South had given the team some sort of Jet-lag which seriously affect their play, and West Ham run away 3-1 winners! Then a quick change into gorgeous! Before heading to Herne Bay, Kent.  For one of my favourite gig’s, Soul by the Sea, and our hosts at the Divers Arms.

I will probably regret saying all that, on Sunday morning, but for now, I am going to remain optimistic.

Had a really positive week, and whats makes it all the more interesting?  Was that at the start of the week, things were looking like, I could lose a few quid! And by Wednesday, I went to bed with arm, and back pain, from patting myself on the back.  Life is full of twists, and turns, and I am very fortunate to have good friends, and Staff that work alongside me.  I have a great Wife, who also has been up to her backside with work and that makes home life a little stressful.  However, it makes our trips away more important, and more than leisure.

Running a Radio Station comes with a lot of challenges, more so when that station is looking at a worldwide audience, rather than a regional one.  The first main hurdle is language? Not too much of a problem, with a website? Most these days translate? Problem solved! Music is universal, so is never an issue? But things like Adverts, and Presenters saying their bit? Well as most will know… Boogie Bunker Radio has a Tagline of ‘Less Chat – More Music!’ This keeps the issues with language, down to a minimum.  But what about adverts? We have adverts in both English & Spanish running on the station, and will take adverts in any language for broadcast! 30 Seconds in German, is unlikely to put off music lovers, and we have Presenters & Guest DJ’s on the station from all four continents.  It does the station good to show its international credentials, and like UK look for new markets, outside the EU 😉

As we continue to discuss the future.. I have never seen a future in FM/DAB across the UK, as the government has made it very costly.  I understand why some stations have chosen to limit this service, to regions where it is less costly.  Which made me think? It may not be cost-effective in the UK, but what about elsewhere? Maybe a smaller island, that may appreciate a bit of BBR? Watch this space???


For the first time in the last 6 months, I can relax as far as the day-to-day running of the station.  We are fully staffed, with a couple of shows coming in the next few weeks.  So this gives me an opportunity to look into a few other things, like this years BBR Birthday Bash! And I have to prepare for a few events in Tenerife in June, details will be on the events page of the BBR Website

This week saw us pay homage to International Women, and International DJ’s Day’s.  I am not normally a fan of such days, as they normally are an excuse to sell a card! Or have you take more notice of someone, or something, than you normally should? when those things are around you on a daily basis!  In saying that… Let’s not get rid of Pancake day!! Love that… My point is this.. I know many strong women, some of which happen to be DJ’s.  My wife is one of those strong women… Not so much the DJ (those photo’s are fake.. lol). She may come across all fluffy, but the bitch has a bite! My Mother, My Grandmother, who is heading to the ripe old age of 100. Strong women don’t need to be reminded? Being acknowledged is what they seek… Just saying!! And I will continue to support female talent on Boogie Bunker Radio.

Finally… Mothers Day! Now, I hear you all thinking… What about the big speech above??

I hear that, but I want to say this… Many Son’s & Daughters need to be reminded that they have a Mother! I am guilty of not finding time for my Mum, and I do feels some guilt round about this time of the year.  I know that there are some out there who can relate, to what I am saying? Now forget the card, and maybe the flowers. Put petrol in the car, and go and see them.. if there is any change left over, take them for a coffee.. Will give a memory which will outlast the card or the flowers. And hopefully you will get a selfie, which will may be an everlasting memory, should the worst happen by this time next year… I spoke to a school friend this week, who lost her mother recently, and I know the day is going to be extra hard for her, but I know that she has a selfie… and she will have it close to her on Mothering Sunday, and I will share with her my thoughts.


You know what to do?