Hi Gang,

There are times in your life when you have to take a sharp intake of breath, and maybe . even pinch yourself to check that you are living on planet earth, or in some alternative universe which is only inhabited by crazy people!  I have spent the last few years dealing with such a person, and it is getting closer to the time when I will be able to tell the whole story, and name the person in question.

We have spent the last few days in our home in Tenerife, that in itself is something which we have been unable to make the most of,  as our ‘Nutter’ had tried to damage our businesses and reputation there.   Meanwhile, back in UK we had been working on fighting back against this person.  We have 1 injunction in place, 1 currently in front of . the Courts, We have 2 Civil Counterclaims before a Judge, and there is a criminal case, for which she (Nutter) is currently on Police Bail.  We are not far off £15k in legal fee’s and I am sure there is a few more quid to be spent, before the New Year. Before we can start to recover our loses!  But, this has gone beyond money, this has gone beyond anything anyone can imagine.

Some people think I married into money? That’s not true, in fact it is so far from the truth, many will be amazed at the reality.  It’s true that my wife is part of a family business’ but anyone who knows anything about business, and for information purposes! My wife’s mother had a share in a company! But it’s not BT! And the wife takes home a salary,  as an employee end of.  We have over the last few years created our own business’ for which we have both worked hard to get off the ground, and make a success.  We never asked for any help, or assistance, and I work very hard for what I have and my wife works, her share too.   Millionaire’s we are not, and if a time comes that we manage to achieve that status, it will be through our hard work, and endeavours  which has got us, to this place in our lives.

Our ‘Nutter’ recently claimed that I hadn’t paid my court fee’s with regards a counterclaim against her? It cost more in fee’s to get an injunction? We are going for 2, So why would I not pay the fee’s? Me thinks someone behind a desk, doesn’t like you!  And then there is that injunction? It wasn’t appealed? Why not? Or was it you could not?   You call this blog the rants of a ‘Delusional’.  But where have I, or my wife Lied? About what? You never say what we lied about? But we have called you on all yours, and the police have put you straight on the rest! But yet we are still liar’s? Where?  Everyone seems to be conspiring against you? Are you really that special?  That everyone is ganging up on you? We are all wrong, except you?  Surely, that can not be possible? Judge’s, Police, CPS, and Uncle Tom Cobbly, and all!!  It’s not only, not possible, it’s not plausible!

I have a friend who knows of the case, and he is convinced! Your defence will include the need for a ‘Rubber Room’!  But I disagree! Yeah, I call you the ‘Nutter’ as although there is a medical term for people like you.  But, you’re not nuts? Far from it? You told a lie, and from that lie, you needed to tell another! And then shit, starts to snowball, and before you know it, you’re living that lie.  Then the lie starts unravel, and you try and shift the blame,  Ex Boyfriend! Friend!  Heard it on facebook, so it must be true? Anything to shift  the blame.

I get all that, and this is going to sound crazy, but I empathise with that plight, and for why? The holes you are now digging lead to prison, and prison is a place, that I wouldn’t wish on an enemy. And that includes you? Rubber Room maybe, but prison sucks! Big time! But I continue, those holes lead to a dark place, and I am not talking about anything which you are currently find yourself bailed.   These days, almost all government forms, contain a declaration,  from benefits, to court forms, in fact most formal documents have a legal declaration that many of us take for granted.  I am someone who is well aware of such declarations,  and I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to breach any of those declarations.  Granted some are taken less seriously than others, but some they can get . really pissed off if breached.

I tell people how much my life has changed over the years, and I have to admit at times, this whole situation has gotten the better, of both me, and my wife, and we have a few pissed family members too.   But nothing will get in the way of bringing this to an end!   I am returning to the UK, to Vote and see you answer to the court, and police.   I want you and your fantasy ‘Partner’, to keep on laughing! I want you to keep digging, and I want you to turn up, and face us!

Come to Court tell your story, yes we have heard it! But you keep saying you want your day in court? It’s been set!  All you need do is attend? Simple as that? What do you have to lose? It’s a Court, so you get your press coverage, you get your day, to tell it all? I know that you have already told everyone, but maybe you missed someone? Bring your Documentary makers, and the journalist who you have on the story?  It’s an open court all are welcome!  We are ready, we have been for some time.

You live in a world where data protection doesn’t exist, either that or those that follow your postings, believe that it has no existence.  You pick up the phone,  and government departments,  just tell you over the phone? You can get CPS on the phone,  and forward you documents? Records get sent to you? who do you think you are fooling? You belittle police, and Judge’s, and threaten their job’s, because they don’t agree with you?  Bet it won’t stop you calling? Has it not sunk in… They are not the problem?  You are? You got yourself into the mess you are in? And in that messed up head of yours you think that you have nothing to lose? You said you have nothing? So sue me? Trust me, it has never been about the money,  but I will say this? Everyone say, I am skint, so sue!

I am a businessman, and I am aware that thats not exactly true! So let’s see what the Judgement is and go from there?  My paperwork is back with the Court! In fact it was back within 24 hours, so I have no idea what your going on about? But bless your heart for worrying about our financial situation, but rest assured we wouldn’t need to take out a loan to cover our fee’s. How about you now cough up yours?  At least that way we will have £20k of yours in the kitty? Guess you will ask your ‘Partner’ for assistance?? Wherever he may be?  Strange he missed your Birthday, and your Anniversary? How supportive? Maybe he is saving his appearance for Court? We are so looking forward to seeing him? Guess you will be too?

You talk about leagues.. Premiership darling!  We have made sure that our cases are airtight, we have all our ducks in a row, and have been waiting for the day to come, in fact I have never been so excited to attend a court.  There is an irony in that statement, but it’s so god damn true.  The wife has got an outfit, and I know you will have a snide comment for that, and good for you!  But I bet you don’t forget what she was wearing? Nor the handbag (she didn’t have to wait until Christmas, nor ponce it of someone! As stated above, she got a Job).

Finally,  And I hope that all our cards are on the table.   You have our paperwork, you have all you need to bring your case to court.   Leave all those screenshots, dodgy documents at home, and I know you can’t bring any witness’ as they either do not exist, or for some reason not will to go and make a signed affidavit, to assist you?  Your partner went AWOL when needed? We haven’t seen any medical diagnosis? Or evidence. Which leaves pretty much a farce, and you still needing to bring a lot to the table, to even get into the court?

However!   I am here to save the day! To insure that you get your day in court, cos that’s the kind of guy I am! My Counterclaim! Regardless of what you chose to do, or not do? I have 2 Counterclaims, which you must answer! So rest assured I will insure that you have your day out? You may have to travel?  Should you fail to attend? I think the letter say’s, something about a Judgement being issued in your absence?? Blah, Blah!

In the last few weeks since I restarted this blog, and I want to say now, It won’t always be about this ‘Nutter’, there are lot’s of other things that go on in my life, which  have far more substance than this topic, but in writing about this, I realised that we were not alone, Granted I knew that others shared my ‘Nutter’ as she is that sort of person.  But from others around the UK, and further afield!

These people exist, there are people out there with time on their hands, and the ‘Devil will always find work, for idle hands’ (Thanks for that pearl, Mum!).  Burger didn’t have enough onion, so all Mcdonalds are the enemy! Neighbour blocked your drive, so you build a wall! Then there are those that go to the extreme.  See others living there lives happy, and look at how shit theirs is, and will do everything to destroy that.. We all have that ‘green eyed monster’ in us, some have better control over it than others.

Understand this!!  What this ‘Nutter’ accused me of, I would never have gone to jail for? This was never an issue? As before I ever found out about it?  Others had cleared me before I was ever asked a question.  These are proven facts! I was never arrest, nor even questioned in relation to this allegation made over 8 years ago? I state again, OTHERS Cleared me, before I was ever asked a question? I can NOW state further,  2 of those people,  were questioned… Before… She made her allegation? Are we all starting to get the picture?? Hence I was never questioned!! 1 of those people told me?  Had they not? To this day, I would have never known about it!

Now, I ask you.. Can such a case be reopened?  In fact what is there to reopen? Thats why it has never been opened in the first place?  Do you want to know another reason, it will never be reopened?  It’s fiction, a figment! It also not the first such allegation? Why are you not calling for that one to be reopened?   You’re either really unlucky? Or you’re a Magnet for stupid black men? As we all seem to end up on your shit list, for whatever reason? Sussed you out, so that list won’t grow any longer.

I am willing to help anyone who finds themselves in a similar position, and make sure that these people, are brought to bare, and to a stop.   I won’t lose another sleepless night over this person, and I hope and pray that they either find Jesus, or a Life? You’re not getting mine, and far from breaking me and my wife!  Each snide comment gives me new ways to love my wife? You once said you pity her? Have you seen her life?

You have gone from law abiding, to old bill knocking you up at 4am.  It must really hurt when you got cautioned? I say it my head!!  I am having it put in our Christmas crackers (more irony!) this year, so everyone can say it around the table! The whole speech.. My favourite bit is the end? ‘Do you understand!’  That shit tends to wake you up at 4am..  Been there!

So although your festivities may be a tad sparse this year, due to circumstances.  Know this… You will bring a whole new meaning to CRACKERS, this Christmas around our table.

YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO? (I double dare you?)




PS: The wife is alive, She said she talking to the Sheriff? This is not the Wild West? So no one got shot!!  See you in Court!

Hi Gang,

I hope you have all had a good start to your week? Mine has been as hectic as normal, but I am surfing the calm waters,  after what has been a stormy last few weeks.   I can’t say that it hasn’t been interesting, and at times comedic, but I guess it’s how life is going to be for a couple more weeks.

Before I give today’s public ‘Nutter’ update, I want to thank someone from Wales who inboxed me, last week.  I want to thank them, as well as everyone else who has been in touch, with kind words,  and to share their stories also.  It’s not something that I would wish on an enemy, but it’s important to know, that these kind of people exist? But can be dealt with.

My week ended with a letter from the court, which stated that two matters had been placed together, which I guess would have sent someone completely off their head? A lot of that is likely to happen over the coming days!  I was aware of this, and I had spoken to the court the day before to confirm that my fee’s had cleared. As I said in previous post’s, this can be an expensive process,  legal aid as we used to know it doesn’t fund cases like this? Well these is a system in place, which basically will make you worse off, and you have to win, and be confident of that.  Even in my situation, my income doesn’t allow for assistance, and in truth, I would go broke to get this into court.

The rest of the letter required me to state my loss? I wasn’t asked to defend the claim, as two phone calls, would prove my case? So the only matters of interest are my claim?  I sat for some time, and of course there are some legal expenses, and things that you can just produce a receipt? But how do you put a price on what me and my family have had to endure at the hands of this person…

We had our paperwork prepared in readiness for this situation, but what hung out there the most, was someone had asked me to put a figure on it? And in all truthfulness, it . had never crossed my mind?  Had I been defamed for 9 years? Yes, was there any mental anguish? Hell yeah! Was I embarrassed, Fuck Yeah! But I could not put a figure on it?

Now, I heard someone say ‘Squeeze the bitch’.  My wife sit’s in this camp, and I see, and feel here way of thinking, as my wife she has to endure alongside me, to this day, some horrid insults. My wife is less think skinned as me, although I wouldn’t want to be in the nutter’s shoe’s when it comes to collecting her costs..

It come down to a discussion with my legal team, although they stand to gain little it was them who explained, what would be appropriate in this matter.  The ‘Nutter’ got a letter also? And it is our hope that she is able to manage the fee’s! For 2 reasons? Firstly, the court will be holding at least £10k on each case, which will mean that, at the very least someone will get paid.  Secondly, Never have I wanted to sit in a court room with this person, more than I do now.  This is what will make it all worthwhile for me, and the ‘Nutter’ as will I invite people? It’s a public building, and everyone has a right to attend.   My family have been waiting for this for some time, those in our family who you contacted, attended the last hearing, which you failed to attend!  For someone who craves the attention of a court room, you have difficulty attending when asked?   But all along we have done everything to give you what you ask? Court local to you? No problem? Do you want the case struck out? No we don’t? Fee’s Paid, Papers Returned!   We will do nothing to delay, giving you what you want?  Your day in Court!! So No excuses?

Now, the “nutter’ is still saying I am deluded?  It’s possible, this is all a terrible strain!! But here’s a challenge!! Where have I lied? What is Untrue? Then.. Show me one Fact? That you have stated in all you many daily postings, which is a FACT? Not what you heard?  Not from a doctored email, or screenshot! A Fact! As nothing in any of your claims, have one fact! Lot’s of paper, but not one checkable fact! And that has been the cause of your current situation? When you had the chance to stop, you gob, ran away with you! Look where you find yourself now.  I have tried to fathom, what your issue has been? What I had done to you? As what you claim, is fantasy! Is it you’re short of a few quid, and you think I have some spare? As I look after my wife? Well I can tell you from personal experience,  Crime doesn’t pay? Yes, it can bring short term euphoria! But long term it isn’t worth it.. It cost me over a period 7 years of my life (there you go, not 37, or 40)!

My wife, and my team will tell you most days, I am up at 6am, and at my desk not long after 8am, until 8pm if not later most day, and its a graft, fortunately I love what I do!  I work with great people and I have a life!  Over the last 8 years, through all you posting, we took it, we said out bit now and again, out of frustration, but we took it.  But No more, and if not for us! For others, others may not be in a position to fight people like you.. Some don’t have resources to go to court.  However, we know we are not alone! further we know that unless people stand up to ‘Nutters’, they will continue to wreck lives wherever they go.

Well, as much as it irks me sometimes to mention the person, I know that some of you want to stay up to date.




PS: Wife is alive… And has stopped singing (thank god),  but has now taken up the ‘Electric Slide’? Whats that all about??? 

EPILOG: Like those 70’s TV show’s… There has been a ‘nutter’ update…

It seems that she doesn’t want answer the question about producing any facts? Hence the epilog… It’s not a whodunnit?  You have made a claim? So it’s not a secret, and you have told lot’s of people your version? So it’s not a secret? All we wanted was 1 FACT! It’s not hard? And it in no way harms you case?  In fact, if you can produce, Just 1 concrete FACT.. No screenshot (as posts have a tendency to be edited), No dodgy emails? These things are not evidence, not proof! Have someone swear an affidavit! Have a Witness Statement, under oath? Some DNA, a fingerprint, and independent witness? Not your mum, who only knows what you have told them? Google Evidence! Then FACTS!!

A screenshot of my blog, isn’t evidence! But it’s FACT, I can write it, because I haven’t lied? This isn’t a work of fiction, and if anyone!! Wants to challenge anything that I have said in this, or any of my other blog’s. I will give the right to reply, and there is always the option of legal action.  I gather my FACTS, I have produced mine to a court, we await yours.  Your letter from the court, asked for FACTS!!! But if it’s a secret? My 5 readers and I will await your response to the court? We do wonder? How similar,  will it be to the one you gave under caution to the police?

I’m outta here!!

PS: That earthquake? Me & the wife ‘Bump & Grind’ Soz!


Hi Gang,

I know it’s been a couple of day’s, and although the work, life balance has got a little messed up this week, all in all it has been a good week..

Most of you will of caught my radio show yesterday, and I hope you enjoyed? I know that my ‘nutter’ friend was locked in also?  And based on a social media feed, doesn’t to rate our station? Or maybe it’s just my show? Either way, be assured my sleep pattern hasn’t been effected!

Now, we have the members section in action, and working, I did say I would make the odd post public, and I left a couple of things unsaid?  I was asked what was removed from my initial blog? What was edited, was the matters with regards to the ‘nutters’ arrest! The police wanted to spare any embarrassment, as the ‘nutter’ has a tendency, to get in the face of officer’s, even though they suffer from anxiety? Anyway, a couple of days later, the ‘nutter’ mentioned it herself, hence putting it out there, again I am not going to mention it, and my reasoning for removing it? Was clearly this person’s family isn’t aware of the circumstances, which led to the arrest? And I get satisfaction from doing so, that time will come!   I have chosen not to play that game?

I used this blog, as for years the story has been very one sided! My wife and I said little!  However, we were ill advised! We should have fought back, many years ago? As this has allowed this person to go without being fact-checked!  Not 1 person has been willing to come to court to support any of her claims? Not 1 person! There have been lots of screenshot’s, and emails? Not 1 person? Her ex-partner had confirmed that she was being untrue in her stories? And had confirmed such to the police 6 years ago? Claims I gave her PTSD? I had to google it too? but yet not a day goes by, that you don’t post something about me or my wife? As I said, I had to google it!  Trust me, it’s not a symptom? It is however a symptom of something else… which isn’t far off ‘nutter’!

The above is just a drop in the ocean, You may well have had your bit’s taken out? And we should be grateful for that, however that didn’t stop you from pretending to not only be pregnant, but went on to produce a bouncing baby girl? or was it? Either way it’s all about credibility, so I am told, after all I had a past, and therefore a judge is unlikely to believe me? There may be some truth in that? I would like to think that all men, and women are treated equally under the law? But let’s look at that, as its valid?

As I stated above the case consist’s of a lot of emails, screenshot’s and for that, you want..  £100k I shit you not? I am going to say this now… If I had £100k, I give it to the homeless before i gave it to some ‘nutter’..  Secondly, I laughed it off, at first, then I gave it to my lawyer, who made sure it went to the police? So that meant, either get nicked for blackmail or the like, or sue me?

Now, I need to let those of you, who are unaware of my past, that this is illegal, and ironically, what put me in a cell? This to a criminal, is called ‘Coming on top’?  So you back off, as the consequences of playing it out, are risky.. Granted, if you was sneaky, you could lodge papers, and hope that your papers slip through, and you get a judgement in your favour, without the other side knowing? You every have a bailiff come round for a parking fine? Well the parking company, got a judgement, in your absence?

I wouldn’t fall for that?? But here’s a funny thing that happened? It got sent to the wrong address? But clearly while high on some medication, attempted to withdraw the claim? Very important that.. Claimant.. But, I had contacted the court, as I had seen the papers on facebook (nutters tend to do that). And they helpfully sent me the papers, and a counterclaim form.   What did you think I did? Fuck yeah, counterclaim for £201K!  I . hear you laughing.. Thats not the funny bit? I am being sued, so took it to my solicitor? He’s still laughing.. But he said, it’s a win-able!  Understand this.. Ask any solicitor in the country, if he or she can guarantee you a win? They will say, thats would be unethical? As shit can happen? He went as far as to say, I am not even going to charge you to write your counterclaim… You do it, and when the court has it, we will take over, as it’s the craziest thing they have ever seen? Then the ‘nutter’ got arrested, and made a, and I quote ‘She made a full and frank confession in front of her solicitor’?

So where does this leave our ‘nutter’? Well, there is a pool running? Crazy or not, you are not going to want to appear in open court, she never turned up for the last hearing, nor did they appeal the wife’s injunction? So you must agree that the injunction is valid and righteous, but not the story you tell, you say.. stuck in traffic, well we have a sat-nav too, and you would have made it, with time to have breakfast before the hearing? Now, I neglected to mention.. On one of the case’s, an Ex-partner is an ‘interested party’ fuck knows what that is, guess he wants a cut? That’s interesting? When was the last time you saw him? Full and frank confession?

Here’s the current state of play… All papers are with the court, plus the recent additions.  Unlike the claimant, I have that 1 person, and I have a ‘nutter’, as my witness’s.  Your own words, written under caution, kills everything you have ever said, posted, emailed? and the other, any officer from TVP with a radio, or the judge can pick up a phone?

Now, dear reader, don’t think that I am sitting here gloating? A month, or two ago, I would have settled for her, just shutting up? As most people don’t give two hoot’s about my past, and if you ask, I will tell you, not from pride, but as a lesson! But as I sit here a write, I believe that nothing is likely to stop her, yeah the injunction, has slowed her, but unless they bang her up,  it will only start to hit her pocket, at first! As everyone gets a warning, I also have papers in front of another judge to deal with that.    But all in all, it is a long, and expensive process.  And I make no bones about that fact, so thats why these people get away, with what they do? And with knife crime, and county lines, and the . fact that they are 20,000 light, it’s not a priority for the boys in blue.  Although they have made progress with our case.  And had not the ‘nutter’ not taken me to court, it would have cost me a fortune to take her to court, granted she has ‘universal credit’ to aid her, but those of use who have to earn ours! Expect to spend £10k minimum, and then you win?  Then you have to chase to collect? Although, we all love and episode of ‘Can’t pay,  we take it away’? If I say, it’s not about the money, would you believe me? A tenner for a cocktail, at Le Club, would be nice! But the only way to end this is to first air this in open court, and secondly tell my story?

I am not alone, and I am not her only victim.. And I have found by talking about it? I am not alone, some of you also have a ‘Nutter’, granted I haven’t met one to out do mine? and I hope that there isn’t another! But, there is no glory, no karma, my wife would like to bring back hanging, for some of the comments she has had to put up with, and things said about her dead mother, and for the record? The is no inheritance? And did you not google ‘probate’? You seem to google everything else? You should also be aware that google is only as smart as the idiot, inputting the search?

I don’t want anyone to see this as a rant, far from it.. in the coming weeks, I will have . a few of those, as we draw closer to the election! But as I said I wanted to outline the position, before I complete the gallery in the ‘Members Only’ Section.  So that everything makes sense, and has its timeline, and you the reader can work it out.

We screen all comments, so that you can post without fear of ridicule, or the ‘nutter’ contacting you, and as per normal, the police will get a call, as she will feel that in some way, I have in some way offend her? Like last time, for one of my other posts.. Save you a call, been checked, and approved by our legal team, but you love to call? But might I make a suggestion? Don’t slag of the police, or courts.. It give them a poor impression of you? And you need some friends? As the few you do have, seem to be equally deluded? And could find themselves in the same cells, as you recently visited?

I am going to close now, and give the wife the hug, she deserves…  I wish you all a blessed weekend, and I know YOU got papers today? I don’t care what you do next, I really don’t? I don’t care what your next story is? Or how you decide to cover your arse, or who you pass the blame onto (I saw that?).   I really don’t care, you have made me not care? I want, what you say you have always wanted, to be on the other side of the court facing me? Bingo, you got your wish!!  But it’s not going to play out how you envisage?  So bring along the family? Bring your Man?  Not that one? We know he dumped you long ago, hence the boredom? Yes, like you, no unlike you? We do our research, and gather our facts, hence the difficulties you now find yourself?

I want you to laugh after reading this, as that seems to be the norm for you.  But to anyone else reading this, will be thinking something completely different.

YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO? (And for once.. Knock yourself out! fill your boots!)



PS: The wife is still alive!!  Still singing!! Baby shark today??

Hi Gang,

Wow,  what a weekend that was?  I have almost got used to being back in the cold weather, but I guess it’s time to make sure your boilers are in tip top condition.  It’s also not often that I can chill out with the wife, and she has been singing, every chance she get’s.. In between a fit of giggles, I thought she would open up her C section scar, but thats another story.. And it’s always good to see the smile back on her face, after recent weeks.

We have been working over the weekend to add some extra security to this page, and We will continue to keep comments on postings private (unless requested).   We will also have the private ‘Members Only’ Section ready in the next 48hrs.   We would like to thank everyone for their patients, and continued support, and we would like to welcome all the new users to this page.

I was also interested to see how many other people found themselves with ‘Nutter’ problems, and those with ‘Nutters’ in common.  Mine recently put a swimming pool in Latchmere House,  which is now closed.   When a simple trip on google would have let the person know, that the only Prison in England with a pool is Stamford hill, somewhere I have never been (reliable source – my arse).   Facts seem to come from invisible people, photos are photo-shopped, for an ‘almost recluse’, Nutters seem to get out and about a lot? Let’s hope County Court doesn’t prove a problematic trip? As for someone wanting a day in Court, they struggle to turn up? But I am happy to travel,  I would fly back from outer Mongolia for this! And to Vote on the 12th December 2019, which is clearly going to be an important day for me, and the rest of the country! Don’t forget to vote!

The wife has been at me, about Christmas! Fendi handbag? I dare not google it?  My wallet may not like what it see’s? But, as I have said many times before in my blog.. She is my World, and a handbag tends to put a smile on her face.

Now, Tomorrow’s blog will be a our last in the ‘Nutter’ series.. And we will make sure that everyone is registered, before we open the members only section!  Again, bare with us, and we hopefully have everything completed in the next 48hrs, We shall also be making some upgrades to this page also, so stay tuned.

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You know what to do?


HOLLA AT ME!! (We know you will?).



PS: The wife is alive… Still singing!!

Hi Gang,

Today will be an interesting blog, and I have had to really think about this blog.. A little more than others.  After publishing yesterdays blog, I was contacted by the police, as my posting had clearly upset someone! The complaint was not that my post was untrue? It was that, my post mentioned a fact, that wasn’t previously made public! How did I know? Well although I had in no way done, what was suggested! And I do not want to do anything to hinder this persons prosecution.  I amended the post! It should be stated that although it was suggested!  I was not asked to edit the post!  I chose to do so.

Now, to prevent such an issue arising again, and I know that yesterdays post produced lots’ of feedback, and you seem to want to be kept up to date on the ‘Nutter’ situation.

So we have decided to create a ‘Members Only’ Section on this site.   This will be a free subscription section. This is currently a public domain, and I intend it to remain so, however, a ‘Nutter’ has called into question, some of the things I have said in the past, and the previous blog post.

I put myself in the public eye, due to my job.  I therefore have to take the rough with the smooth, when it comes to talking about my past, family, and future.  I to a degree am fair game, and if it’s the truth!  I can’t cry about it, I have to suck it up, and move on.  My past isn’t a secret! I have written about it! But the Lies! I have had enough!

I can back up everything that I have said on these pages, and we are going to create a section and show a gallery of postings!  This will be members only, and will not be made public, until confirmation from our legal team.

Subscribers must be a member of my Facebook friends list! To help the vetting process.

I am no longer going to defend myself, and this person had an opportunity to stop? And hasn’t because they don’t know how to? A lawyer told my wife, this is unlikely to stop, until we take certain steps! We are in the process of completing those!  So with that in mind we shall only be posting stuff from Facebook, which has already been in the public domain, we shall just put them in order, and context. Documents are copies and again in the public domain, as some ‘Nutter’ chose to post them. We have chosen not to use any third party documentation at this stage! Let’s not get into to the he said, she said?

Black and white readable facts! Then you decide? As we can’t keep up!

There are nearly 2000 subscribers of this page, and over 4000 on my Facebook page, so some will gain access, quicker than others, so please bear with us.

I will continue to post the blog in the public section of this page, but members will be allowed full access to the site, alongside some new extra features.

You know what to do? (Tell your hairdresser!)





PS:  The Wife is alive…  And singing for some reason?