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I must be going nut’s? Oh it’s not me!

Hi Gang,

I know it’s been a while.. So Put the kettle on.. Time for a catch up!

Like everyone else, I have been trying to work out the best way to make sense of the current situation? I know that there is a pandemic, and a vaccine and we are in some ways getting to grip with this whole situation. In that I mean, who can we trust? Government? World health? Your GP? I don’t know either? I see the vaccine as a promising way forward, and I know if Science is correct that we need 60/70% of each country to be vaccinated? We are at a fraction of that worldwide! But here’s the thing? Most people have been locked in their homes, longer than some drink-drivers spend in prison, and our economy worldwide has taken a massive hit! Here is Spain where tourism is the main income, the country has been decimated. My reports from Britain are similar? However Boris has a roadmap! which is as he say’s, based on the science? I am not so sure?

I am not a Conservative, and not a fan of Boris, and although he managed the Budget quite well, when he was Mayor of London. As a West Ham, I loved the deal for our stadium… And if there was anything underhanded going on… It’s the East End and ‘Ronnie & Reggie’ made extortion almost acceptable! So apart from both enjoying the odd Joint! Boris and I have very little in common. Boris’ dilemma is Economy, or peoples lives? Here’s the thing… Can people be trusted to do the right thing? Will people do the sensible things? From past experiences the answer is NO!

I have no answer to this… But I can make an observation! Lockdown should have been Global from the minute we knew about Covid? the world should have frozen? Sounds crazy? But that was the advice? Give me a second to break this down.. Take Tenerife an island! We discovered Covid in one of our hotels, and it was the first Lockdown of sorts.. At this time we knew a few things.. it could kill, and we could test for it, and that anyone who had it, would know within 14 days, and was easily transmitted. Now had Tenerife locked down at that time.. No one in or out? According to the Science within 6-8 weeks, the island would be Covid free? As we know how long the disease can last. Australia and New Zealand did similar and are ‘Covid free’. Now I am a layman, not an expert, but that would be the Scientific way?

I know that in my theory, a whole lot of human rights, would be broken, and a few taken for granted, but I hear the words, Public Health Emergency and surely this should be enough? F+ck No! At some stage politics will take over? Somewhere around the world, there is an election! We all remember Trumps first thoughts about the Pandemic? A mild cold? I think the truth is… There are very few governments around the world who could sell it to the people? Why is that? Because most cannot be trusted? It’s not who paid to decorate Downing Street, on that.. Boris is correct? Who really expects Boris to pay to refurb Downing Street? And if you found out it was a back scratching exercise would we really care? Doesn’t a Prime Minister, Like a President get certain perks, of the job? What does an Ex president do for a job? he gets a cushy number, and get voted on to lot’s have committee’s and they end up on big companies letterheads as a ‘Consultant’! This stuff doesn’t surprise us, nor are they call for the PM’s head? But if Boris said, we are going to lock down the country, and no one in, or out for 5 weeks? there would have been uproar!! But that is what the science said to do?

Back to OZ, and New Zealand, I have a brother living in OZ, and I am aware of how strict a lockdown that had to endure, and continue to work with, but their numbers are at a record low.. Should I say at this point, one of these countries is run by women! The other by a Liberal?

The vaccine programme I believe is the solution, and although I was asked the other day would I recommend it to my children? I had to take a pause! I am in my mid 50’s and in fair health, I need to travel for work, and therefore I will need to take the vaccine at some stage, I am aware that like any vaccine there are a possibility of side effects, some of which we may not know about for many years, but I am a logical person, and am aware Covid can kill me, however the vaccine is unlikely to.. As far as we know at this stage.. apart from my eldest daughter most of my children are low risk, and fit, and less likely to die from Covid, and therefore they could in theory wait until we know more, about all the vaccines and effects. They will have to live with the effect of the vaccine for far longer than I will, and therefore it’s not a decision for me to make, and for them to take lightly. But this is part of adulthood, and a choice for them, and not their father.

I sat with a guy, a couple of months ago, who explained in detail why he would not be taking any vaccines that were issued, and Bill Gates, and a mysterious group, were using the vaccine to place a chip within us, so that ‘THEY’ could keep tabs on us? And that it had something with keeping the rich richer, and reducing the population, as the planet was over crowded.. Every time I asked why ‘THEY’ would do this.. it kind of got a bit grey? And when I said most people has a smartphone which is the best tracking device ever, his argument kind of started to fall apart. So I asked, what is in the vaccine, that I should be weary of? DNA? who? ‘THEM’ who? They! At this stage I just paid for my weed and left 😂 It was clear that this batch was clearly phenomenal and I was best to go and roll some and see if I could reach the same plateau as my friend. I have heard a few conspiracy theories about the vaccine, none that hold up.. And most sound better after a couple of joints, so i will be taking my jab, when the time comes.


Brexit… It’s back in the news as a hot topic? No, not French fishermen? That was expected, and it unlikely to end well, the French being a passionate people.. Good luck with that one Boris! No I mean people overstaying in Spain? Technically anyone who has been in Europe from Britain for more than 90 days in an 180 period, needs to either be a resident, or hold a valid visa. Apart from a few exemptions, anyone who has not registered is deemed as overstayed. Normally, that meant a fine, and deportation, and not being allowed to return for some years? under the current rule in Spain.. surpassing the 90 days could be considered a serious violation in the eyes of the law, with fines going from €501 to €10,000, a possible expulsion from Spain as well as a potential ban from the Schengen area for six months to five years. I would be interested to know how freely this is being introduced? I know that visas do not come into effect until January 2022. But here’s my thing, I think may people have taken this for granted? I was aware that some people have been held as boarding planes to UK, and asked why they had overstayed? some didn’t get to board, and this suggests that the Spanish authorities are enforcing some part of these regulations. so be warned. Those of us with a little pink card should be fine.


I want to thank a couple of people.. I am not going to name them, but I will say this.. I have never been a fan of the police, and I have met a few coppers, who have run foul of my wrath, on occasion. I talk pretty candidly about the ‘Nutter’ who has in the past been the bane of my life, but we decided enough was enough, and I am pretty good at managing my money, and saw spending any on lawyers as a was for many years. We went to the police, and at that time, the law just wasn’t on our side, the internet was something couldn’t be policed. And although the laws did change, the punishments were feeble, and not much of a deterrent. So we had to go to civil court to get first an injunction, then a court order. What we really sort was a thing called ‘Powers of arrest’ which in effect means, that every time you breach the order, the police come and arrest you, and you stay in jail, until a Judge see’s fit to let you go! Now, the last time we applied the ‘Nutter’ tried to wriggle out of it? First by pretending to faint during a telephone hearing? Now, you have to imagine this? Her commentating on her fainting 😂 ‘I need an ambulance’ No ambulance was needed, and the Judge saw through that one.. Then, I was accused of harassment and Perjury? Now I live in Spain and have done for some time, so couldn’t of been able to harass someone… But that wasn’t the harassment!!! No, the fact that we were taking her to court was harassing her? Stop talking shit on Facebook, and we wouldn’t take you to court? I am not even going to go into the perjury, just to say. Someone can’t do math?

So, what’s it all about? My mum, god rest her, used to say.. People can tell a lie for so long, that they start to believe it themselves.. But this isn’t just the case.. Some people just do not have a life? It’s sad, but true.. Kid’s grow up, leave home, and your on your own. Now some see this as an opportunity, second lease of life, more freedom, more time for yourself.. My wife and I moved country, set up a new business, and started a new life. Some do not have that kind of motivation, some thing that the world owes them? Some have no love in there life, and that is even sadder. If you felt you were in some way hard done by, surely dusting yourself off, and getting on with life, is not a challenge but rewarding, I am aware that there are people who have a diagnosis of an illness. None of this is the case with this person. The court had asked on a number of occasions for medical proof, we, our lawyers, nor a judge has never seen them, one judge went as far as throwing out the case. So we are not talking about any illnesses.. Yeah, she has managed to get benefits on the strength of it.. but there are millions out there with back problems on disability.. and drug addiction, and alcoholism are also disabilities which the government pay benefits for, so not everyone has a physical disability. And anyone who can spin a half decent yearn can make a claim, this has been the problem with the benefits system. But this person has made it a mission to make money, from making claims from people, not get a job, and physical there is nothing preventing that.. She spends plenty of time writing letter, and allegedly working with the press, therefore highly skilled, none too clever, but I am sure a decent typing speed? but they don’t want a job, don’t want to go and earn a wage, wants to sue the police, and tried to Blackmail me, and mine. I am not stupid enough to of fallen for it, and my fighting back took another turn last week.

As they say, as one book closes, another opens.. Well, all of her books are now closed, which leaves the way for the civil courts. But like everything, the laws have changed, and the police, have finally caught up with the internet, and our civil case, has entered it’s final stages, and as she did her best to mess with the case’s, she is no longer an involved party, so she will only hear of the outcome, when some bloke turns up on your door with some papers, and really bad news.. Those of you who have read my blog, and those of you who know me, and of this situation. Would be sitting and thinking, you must be over the moon.. Fuck no.. You have no idea?

The Nutter, taught me a lesson in life, for which I am grateful.. I learned that no matter how much you try and make changes in your life, people will always try and do stuff to spoil that, and for no better reason than jealousy, envy, or just plan bad minded. This person tried to be clever, and could of shared a prison cell with me, but we have a code.. Fuck the code! It never stuck up for me? Any how, I made some changes to my life, I met a great girl, who has had to endure serious amounts of shit, because she loved me.. My wife is my best friend and there is nothing she doesn’t know about my life.. I even went as far as sending her to a police station, and have the chief show her everything that they hold on me.. She knew more than the police? But our relationship is steadied by our resolve to deal with this ‘Nutter’.

So, we can now get on with our lives, with the comfort that we are in control of the situation. We just are waiting for that rubber stamp. We will then see how nuts she really is? I met a guy many years ago, and he was inside for stalking his girlfriend? Now I was taken aback, at our first meeting, as he was sitting with the girlfriend in question! and seemed much in love? What I didn’t know was that she also had another boyfriend, and flitted between the two? but she had court orders again both for various reasons, and I am not excusing anyones behaviour in this story, I am just telling the tale.. Well, the jist was, when it suited this girl, she would call the police, and say one or other was outside, police came, and arrested them, and they stay in jail until put before a judge! Each time it took 28 days, so ever other month, the girl had a different fella, until the other came out. ‘Powers of arrest’. I truly believe that it would take no more than 1 of those 28 day periods for our ‘Nutter’ to see sense, but we shall see? I don’t no how true it is, but from what I can gather women prison is far worst than for us men, but I am sure that we will get a post or two from the other side of the wall, as they manage to get mobile phone in there now, so will let you know 😂

Getting used to living in Level 2 here in Tenerife, and continuing to keep the company running, and staff working, in these difficult times we find new ways of doing things. which brings me back to where we started.. Vaccine and Governments, and Trust. In these difficult times the only person you can trust in, is YOU! you have to protect yourself, to help protect those around you? The government, are not in my home, or my day to day life… I have to think for my household, and those around me, I have been fortunate not to have contracted Covid, or maybe I had, last year, and didn’t know, but even so, I have gone about my life as near normal, yes, I wear my mask, yes I sanitise, and don’t meeting in large groups indoors. But I go for dinner with friends, and we are sensible, and as they are friends, I care for their well being too! As for 2 metre’s.. if your nearer than 2 metres, we are either married, or in a fight.. So distancing isn’t an issue.

You need to look after you, no Government can do this for you, they maybe following some scientific rules, but other will be dropped to suit them, so you need to follow the Science? Be informed, be careful, and most of all..

Stay Safe..


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