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Back once again! Again?

Hi Gang,

It was my plan to update the blog over the weekend, but I do have a life πŸ˜‚

So, grab your coffee, top up that wine glass.. Here we go! We finished off at the end of the first lockdown, and pretty much brought things up to date. But, I know some people want to know about ‘business’ life here in Tenerife.

We moved the businesses to Tenerife a couple of years ago, mainly for 2 reasons? first, we wanted to make a life on the island we both love, and have attachment too, as well friends, and colleagues. Second was quite simple, who would not want to spend their later years, in a paradise? So, Brexit and all those things played no role, although we did take into account what effect’s it would have on our Company, and the pro’s and con’s! However, until some form of agreement was signed, we would all be in the dark. As that was not until Christmas, there was very little preparation we could do.

It was interesting to go through the process of setting up a Spanish was not too complex, although I do recommend finding a good accountant, and lawyer. I would recommend these thing regardless of where you intend to set up, and for us, it was important that they were local. In life, it isn’t what you know… But who, so an account who deals with the Notaries, on a regular basis, and a account who is used to dealing with the Tax offices, and Councils.

I know in the UK and other countries, you can buy a ready made company. We have similar in the UK, for data storage! For a couple of 100 pounds and you have a LTD company. There is a similar process here, but it has many pitfalls, so for me not recommended. Now, the process took us almost a year, before we could trade, and had funds in a Spanish bank etc. Now, I am not going to lie! There are certain rules which are time dependant, if not done in a certain time, you kind of have to start that part of the process again. Some of your documentation can not be more than 14 days old, So in these areas, lawyers are key. Now, cost wise? I would say, that my lawyers in the UK, make my balls ache, when they send an invoice.. But here, I found myself in surplus, and found myself buying my legal team coffee on the odd occasion. So go figure! Granted it is a ball sweating aching experience for your legal team, but you can open a nice bottle of wine, after completing each stage of the process.

Residency, was dealt with by the same legal team and less of a ball ache (I have to find a new way to explain that feeling πŸ€”) Balls, were both aching, as well as sweating during this process.. Only because Police have never previously been included on my Christmas Card list! But, as I was ‘Just Visiting’ I guess it was ok.. And giving my Finger prints, without the need for a ‘Caution’ beforehand, was a new concept for me πŸ˜‚

I know some have reservations about the new ID cards, and say what you will, We are stuck with them, OK they will become multi use, they will also be a passport for some, but I get all that ‘Big Brother’ Stuff!! But kicking and screaming, won’t stop the need for them. So I have mine, and I will use it as needed. But, I hear you!!

We had been in our second year of trading, when the pandemic hit! Now, I know that many of your are thinking? Surely the pandemic was good for your business? You’re a Radio Station?? WELLLLLLL! Yes, and No.. Any Radio Station Manager around the world, will tell you that Radio, is a money pit? What you have is advertisers, and advertising is based on your number (Which are great), but normally we would have a potential audience of around 15 million a week? That 15 million dropped to 1 million on FM, So, fortunately we have other areas within the Brand that have helped us through this period.

Tenerife has been devastated as a country due to the pandemic, and when a country relies so heavily on tourism, when there are no tourist, not only does the hospitality industry get hurt, so does the whole economy. Tenerife is one of those countries in Europe where the ‘High Street’ or shopping mall, is thriving, or was.. you came to Tenerife to shop? and boy do we have shops, we may have 3 of the same store, on one street πŸ˜‚

Some have tried to tough it out, and my respect to those who have, and my deepest respects goes out to those who have had to close, and I hope they will find a way to return. I have seen during this period, a willingness for businesses to work together for the common good, and this has been a joy to see. I have also seen some businesses, and people diversify into new areas, which gives hope. I have seen hotels take this opportunity to refurb.. And you know those potholes you hit in your hire car? Well, they are working on those. Councils have taken an opportunity to do some of those task’s which were left undone, due to this being almost a 24 hour country. all of which brings with it a glimmer of future possibilities.. I say glimmer, as the Spanish Government, as well as the Canaries have a hell of a task ahead, and in the past, have been known to fuck up, even the simplest of tasks. BUT! and I put it in capitals for this very reason.. If the Governments can pull off some of the things that are being discussed, interesting times are ahead. The conspiracy theory people talk of ‘BIG RESET’ Never met anyone who could explain to me, why ‘THEY’ would want to do this? But let’s just call it the ‘New Normal’ as thats how it is talked about here. Living with mask’s and sanitation is part of the new normal! As for injecting me with a device, that ‘THEY’ know where I am? Contact my assistant, she has my diary, and pretty much knows where I am each day? and the wife keep’s track on the rest?

I understand that we are moving into strange times, and an unknown, which everyone is trying to predict? I don’t intend to have sleepless nights thinking about those possibilities. I believe that if you do a good job, you will be rewarded, I believe if you have a good business model, regardless of the situation, with a few tweaks, it can be adapted to what is coming? Fuck Yeah… There are going to be those that can’t! But if this current mentality of collaboration, by working together, we can make the losses with each industry fewer, and less painful. Just Saying??

Let’s move on… Then there was Brexit!

I am not interested on what side of the argument you are on! Leave or Remain? We left? (surely they left? πŸ€”). In fairness, either side said, there would be difficult times for the UK, for a few years.. But, in the future.. No one predicted a pandemic? but has that ‘In the future’ starting to look dim, and distant? I know in recent weeks the EU did jump out of its Pram? and was quickly slapped down, and put firmly back in the pram, and the dummy firmly placed back in between its lips.. I don’t know, but me has a feeling, that next time, they will have just cause, and then what? Don’t think for one minute I am sitting here in paradise, pointing the finger? The reverse, my new ID card still says UK, and therefore until I take an oath, I will always be a Brit, so no finger pointing… An observation?

The reality for our business, very little, yes there is some legal stuff, for data, and such, and online things are different, and trading with some things are different. All in all, the way we have been running things for years, means that we only had to make tweaks in the background, and a forest of paperwork. Events will be very different, and the line up, may include less UK artists, as work permit’s will come into play (more paperwork, and costs). I have no doubt, some will try and cut corners? But the fact that UK citizens can be deported from within Europe, may make some think twice? So these have been the issues which we have had to deal with, and have had to overcome to continue to do what we do. Over the coming weeks, I will fill you in, and let you know we are going to bring some FUN to Tenerife this Summer!!


Well, more than a few of you have asked, so here we go… (yes, this bit is about you). It’s sometimes important in life not to give people credence, when it’s not deserved. But I am going to say this as a warning!! There are people out there who believe that the world owes them a living, and when they are told to get a job? They have a back injury, or some other ailment with initials, that google has given space too? This does two things? Firstly, it takes away from those that really suffer from these disabilities. Further, reality of their plight is no more than a letter writing busy body? Recently, The Duke of Edinburgh passed, and OFCOM had over 100,00 complains from people whose episode of ‘Eastenders’ had been moved… Granted, it was a liberty!! πŸ˜‚ But who has the time to write and complain.. Yes, I thought, when will it end, and even here, it was everywhere? But how put out would i need to be to write a letter? I just watched the George Floyd coverage!! But how bored would you need to be, to actually write a letter? Send an email, lodge a formal complaint? Understand this… There were at least a 100,00 that bored!!

So, we take this crazy woman to court? Stupidly, we have a case, and now this is the third hearing which we have won, and we have injunctions.. And thinking that we had all base’s covered, we went on with life(ish). Now, anyone who knows the British legal system will know, along with speed, common sense is not always a buddy? in fact sometimes, they don’t even share the same playground! Before you get paid out, there is another hearing, just to see, if the LOSER! has done anything else (list at the ready!!). Then, Stupid entered the building.. Previously, stupid, had just popped in and out? Now, stupid, had drawn up a chair, and was making herself comfortable (JJ why is she female πŸ€” Much as I would like to think, most men think with their ‘Dicks’, only a small portion are actual ‘dickheads’?), I know the wife is going to have something to say, on that one but bear with me?

The person in question (see members section), has done everything possible to delay the process, and increasing the costs, now these costs, are not ours, as those have been agreed to a degree, so they are just adding to our pot. And continuing to do so, which is cool, as many will know… The wife does love a handbag!! So, due to covid, courts are online, or telephone.. Now, I have seen court room dramas, and witnesses fainting dramatically, on the witness stand.. Camera pans to Judge! But imagine the same thing over the phone.. Your honour, I think I am going to pass out? I am going to have to call an ambulance!! That’s what’s she does? Fortunately the Judge wasn’t Edward G Robinson, and was forewarned by a colleague, no doubt? Chalk up another win for the Williams’ family!

So where does that leave us, well here’s where it get’s interesting!! Stupid is still sitting in the room, and Google is a great tool, you can find images, of almost anything, and photoshop other things, but when you start on a lie, that lie has a way of unravelling? You see, there was I trying to get on with my life, and try and do better. I have not been the greatest Father, I hope to be a better Grand father, and I am fortunate enough to do all I can for the next generation of Williams. I didn’t wake up one morning, and think, who shall I try and piss off today? This person came after me, and mine. I took a lot, and I lost a lot in the process, and everyone said, to ignore it, and it will go away, I tried, it didn’t. They say the law is an ass, and truth be told she could probably could of got away with this behaviour for years. But a couple of things happened? Some of which I wasn’t watching.. The law’s changed? Second? I can’t say on this page, at this stage, and for this reason… It’s going to piss YOU off, not knowing! And secondly, YOU did it to yourself? We have enjoyed your musings, over the years, and as you know liked them so much, that we shared them with many a Judge. Here’s the thing? Over my life, my mother told me, ‘what is written in black and white! is hard to erase’ yeah I know.. Poppycock! it’s a black thing? but read it again, and again, and the sense in the statement is there. I know at my peril! About being very careful about what you put your name to? We know where that can get you? But I asked myself, what would need to happen to make you stop? There is very little? We are clearly your life, there is very little else? Fake fella? Fake baby? Moving from one to the next, always ends up in a court room? And dramas, and an ambulance, no doubt! However, Stupid and you have a bond, a shall we say relationship, maybe you have a DNA Match, I love that programme.. Whatever it is Stupid and you are together in this one.. The Williams’s left the building.. Yes, we have another hearing to come, but you’re not needed for these. Thank god as well, believe us, that it’s not pretty!

Surely, your not going to leave it there? Thought your are not a ‘Dick’?

That edit thing is a pain in the arse!! OK…

Let me say this, for many years, and through my youth, I held little fear… Apart from my Mum, and Dad, I held little fear or regard for anyone, and was very care free. Then I ended up in a box! They let me out of the box, and anger, was added to fearless, and care free… And I ended up in a box? However, this time while in the box.. I realised that life was better outside of the box? And I had to be better than those in the box. So I read, and bettered myself, to learn not to ever be boxed in again.. Then, I met a guy, a white guy? who said to me, as a black man, you should never be in a box, and for one reason… Your forefathers did everything possible, not to be in a box, but roam free!

150 years of slavery, and you had no respect for your freedom! Yep! right there! Re-hab-bil-lit-tion!! From that second, I would not allow nothing, or anyone, take away my freedom… Ask my wife… I get the ‘no one can tell you shit,’ line all the time πŸ˜‚

Anyone willing to risk there freedom, because they told a lie, and has to now continue it in some version, is a fool. Stupid beyond any reckoning, more so as nothing you believe will happen, is NEVER going to happen, and if you think it will ‘crazy’ is apt, as doing the same thing over again, expecting a different result? has a word ‘insanity’ google it? The only person likely to end up in a newspaper is you? either that, or 24 hours in police custody (I love that too – There’s an irony). I watch as you dig this hole deeper, and deeper, and said to the police recently, you’re starting to believe your own craziness? And that in some weird perverse world, someone may agree with you?

We work within the media, and we are aware how stories are made, investigated, and what they need to do, prior to publication, I have a folder on my desk marked ‘compliance’. But I guess, we are the only ones? Madness, but you have final approval? This isn’t normal? it’s a little ‘Cray’Cray’? But as someone close to me said.. You are her life? without you, and her dildo? What has she got? (the good on TVP? πŸ˜‚). I can not explain some to the crazy, this person has done or said, but that door is about to slap shut, and although the box isn’t something I wouldn’t wish on my worst of enemies, maybe she will meet a white guy, who can show her the way? Maybe have real babies?

For near on 8 years, I have had to deal with this issue, at times daily, at times funny. But at no time, a joy? Even now, I can’t gloat, and not going to raise a glass, there is no vindication, there is no story, and no one died. So in the grand scheme of things, it may seem like nothing… BUT… This person is out there, and she isn’t alone, I pray that there are not 100,00!! But there could be? We shall continue to report on the outcome, and you can read more through the blog.

My ramblings are well know, but it’s funny how you know so much, yet so little about our pages? Almost as much as you know about our company.. Maybe HMRC will start to look at you? Stupid just left.. That one was a step too far πŸ˜‚ Ok, That was a little gloaty, but Fuck it… 8 years.

I will be on your Radio this week, and the blog will be back… I wanna say weekend… But I may need to update sooner…

I’m off to take the wife for a munch…


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