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Back once again!

Well, it has been a long time since I wrote a blog, and anyone who has read previous episodes will know? It could be a long read 😂

So, we are going to to this first blog, in 2 parts (Maybe 3), but we shall see how we go? You will notice a ‘Members Only’ Section! This is for a few reasons, the first being! I shall add content unavailable elsewhere, I will also add all the latest updates, on those Court hearings previously mentioned (We will get to that, later). So, unfortunately there will be No Porn, or anything that will send you Nut’s… Unless you are of a nervous disposition!

So.. What have you missed?

We had just finished FITS 2019, and we were preparing to move the business’ and then ourselves to Tenerife. We had had reports, of a couple of people feeling unwell, prior to FITS in January, and someone who was even hospitalised, but never a mention of covid? In fact one of our line-up Andy Carroll, was sick for a few days, and did manage to complete, one of the set’s of the week, with his sunset at Le Club!! It’s well worth a watch and is on the BBR Tenerife Facebook Page (did you like the advert?). Again, no mention of covid! Then Tenerife has a sandstorm, quite literally! And we had to re-route radio transmission for a few days’, but the show went on.

The Wife was due to return to the UK, to deal with a legal matter (we will get to that!). However, They shut down a Hotel in Tenerife! We heard about something call Covid-19, and the World changed!!!

Lockdown Tenerife 2019

Although the Hotel, in Arona had been sealed off! Nothing could have prepared anyone, for what was coming next? The wife returned to the UK, with the intention of returning, a few days later, after I have arrived in the UK to complete some business. The following day, Spain went into a ‘state of emergency’. The wife and I had no comprehension of what was to come, but we were apart, and at this stage, for at least 4 weeks! Now, on paper this could have been a very much, win-win! 4 weeks’s without the wife, separated by 3000 miles 😂 Where exactly is the best place to install the ‘pole’?

But, that was not the case, and 4 weeks turned into 3 months! But let me put my lockdown into a few paragraphs.

I had never seen a tank, well not up close, I had seen a few war movies.. And I remember the famous protest in China! But not up close, well I woke up one morning, and had a full blown, do not mess with, TANK at the bottom of the road, with a crew, who wanted to know if my trip to Mercadona necessary? I made sure that it was, and returned with half the store, to prove the point (forgot toilet roll, but wasn’t going back). My future shopping was done online and delivered to my door. On the reverse I was face timing the wife more now, than ever? and the story in the UK, was very different, packed beaches, and sports events, and I was trying to explain the tank at the bottom of the road?

Tenerife is an island that heavily relies on tourism, one of the reasons we chose to set up a company here was to work with the tourism industry. Overnight, that all changed. People were given the opportunity to return to their homeland, and many did, for various reasons, mainly economic, but many chose to leave, either for the short term, or for good. I am a born, and bred British Citizen, and nothing can change that, no matter where you go, or the colour of your skin, where you are born, will always be a part of you! I have made clear a number of times, my position on Brexit, and I felt the UK would be best served by remaining in the EU, so my side of the argument lost, it happened, and my decision to move to Spain, was not me leaving the UK in protest! It was the best move for my family, first and foremost. It only became a good move for our businesses, after the agreement was made? We could not of predicted the deal, that the UK chose to accept, we just have to learn to work with it. But I am not going to lie, even with the pandemic, it was a good move.

Back to lockdown…

The population over the first 4 weeks of lockdown, rapidly decreased.. Hotel’s started to empty, then 2nd home owners started to leave, then staff, entertainers, Rep’s, etc. from 12 plus million, down to just over 1 million. The first thing I noticed was, how quiet it got? No traffic, no people on the streets, it was quite… Next, after a week or so… How clean the air was? No pollution.. Next came People!! These were times akin to the war, it’s either every man for himself, or we pull together to defeat the enemy? I would like to think I am a part of the later group. I have a past, and I grew up on the streets, of hard knocks, and I make no secret of my past (read previous episodes). But over the last 10 years, or so I have made some changes in my life.. To quote a friend.. ‘You just grew up, is all?’.

Nevertheless, I saw people around me who last week had jobs, and this week, were wondering how they were going to feed their families, we had contractors, who were unsure of how they were going to live? Yes, this island generates Billions, but for Spain? Not Tenerife! Yes, they get to keep some? but they don’t have savings for a rainy day, they have an annual budget, and with normally very little unemployment? all wasn’t going to be rosy! So I called a friend, who introduced me to a woman called Stephanie.. Steph, I had known of for many years, due to my previous life in Tenerife, and she was exactly as described to me, over the years. She takes no shit, but get’s shit done! I am sure if she reads this, she will take that one?

It didn’t take long for her to explain to me the mammoth task that was ahead, but also it could not be maintained forever? The charity had been run for some years, prior to the pandemic, mainly feeding homeless, and looking after some illegal families on the island. With the mission statement of getting people back to a stage, where they could look after themselves, more of a stop gap in times of need, now they were dealing with something different. She wasn’t so much after my money? although she never left a meeting without a donation, and my love. But we could help raise awareness, and I hope that we as a Team, have helped to do so? We have helped to change a few families lives, and helped a few to continue to remain on the island, or assist in their return to their homeland.

Most of my lockdown was spent working with a group of people who have helped this island get through this difficult time, and prepare it for what is yet to come. After 12 weeks apart Corinne was finally allowed to enter the country. During this period, only Spanish residents were allowed into the country? Although we now both hold residency (TIE), at this stage in the ‘state of emergency’ the rules were different. I will also say this, although we did make a couple of attempts to get together, we both felt that air travel would negate the time we had spent apart? And it would be selfish to our friends and loved ones? We shared a lockdown experience from different perspectives, and from different countries! I will say this, it took a bit of getting used to having her back after lockdown… Allow me to digress for a second!!!!

Previous readers will know, that I joke, that there is a patch of ground at the bottom of our garden in Kent, pre-measured, for my wife’s corpes? Over the years, I have told the joke so much, that in the event of the wife going on on of her ‘shopping trip’s’!!, it would be the first place the Police would dig up… And it’s a Joke! Anyway, in Tenerife I make the same joke, and had a nice bit of cliff-face all picked out, and for years, had made the same joke!! Well, the council must of got wind of it, and spent god knows how much, and have turned it into a viewing point, hardly the perfect spot for a corpse now!! Any suggestions of a new spot in the south of Tenerife? Answers on a postcard 😂

Where was I? Lockdown, Spain has had the longest and most severe lockdown in the EU, although Tenerife has been exempt from some of the rules endured on the mainland. The wife and I endured the rest of lockdown in Tenerife together, and although there have been some ups and downs in levels, and a curfew, we are free now to go as we please, with social distancing etc.. As I write we are under some extra restrictions for Easter, extra curfew of 10pm for another week.

As if a pandemic wasn’t enough? Then came Brexit!

I will say to this day, that I don’t think those who voted for Brexit had any idea, what the implications it would bring and the wider repercussions of not being part of the EU? I also think a lot has been overshadowed by the pandemic, and taken Brexit, off the front pages. I understand the “Taking back control of our boarders’? But you could always control who comes in and out? Ask Shamina Begun (google it)! Because we pay into a bureaucracy? So what is NATO, and isn’t the UK trying to join the SACUM, and has already joined the ESA, all of which you pay into, and agree mutual trade? Same as with the EU? And of the so far less than 60 Trade agreements sign by the UK post Brexit! 57 of those could have been done at anytime, and not been a breach of the agreement with the EU? So what was the point? you were never going to get as good a deal, outside, and from within, so thus far I have not seen any benefits? We have all seen major issues, both sides of the bloc! I have struggled to get jelly babies? And the struggles seem to be ongoing in the UK, and at the moment, Ireland seem’s to be the next boom country, well one side of it anyway.

Part of my business is online, therefore little has changed (in theory), and Radio! Well, something strange happened with Radio!! During lockdown radio saw a resurgence, and with many working from home, music in the background became the norm in most households, and our expansion into FM & DAB seemed to happen at a perfect moment for the island. We brought through local DJ’s, and expanded our headline line up, so one part of radio saw a boom, however events suffered, and with the closure of nightclub, and some venues. Nights out, have taken a different shape. The plans we had put in place and changes we needed to make became most urgent, and choices had to be made. It was clear that radio advertising would increase, and flyer’s and newspapers will be less available, and free papers were a no, no! Also the government had seen a new vision for tourism, are in a process of trying to look ‘green’. Which in a way so have I? I discovered the electric scooter!! but that is another story for later.

Seem’s like a good place to close part 1?

So what can we expect in the next episode?

I know a lot of you just want the gossip, and a ‘Nutter update’… And I guess so does she? But you and her will both have to wait? You guy’s not as long as her, as it’s highly unlikely that she will be able to get around our security, and it does help us to track her IP Address? As nutty, doesn’t go hand in hand with clever! And although we struggle sometime to keep up with the postings, we do understand, that they are basically the same week by week? And someone who works in the media would know, if your story hasn’t been picked up in 8 years? it’s either not true, or much of a story? Now, over the last few months, my mother passed, and I always said that there were certain things that your mum should never be privy to! The relationship I had with my mother, there was very little that she didn’t know? But you never put it out there even though she knew?

The thing is sometimes you have to go back to the beginning, to find a solution for now! The answer to my problem was steering me in the face? Nutty people tend to focus on themselves, and how hard done they may have been done? The key was how we met! And by the time the penny dropped for you, it was too late, in fact I don’t even think you have sussed it yet, and how you made such a drastic mistake. Nutty and clever will never walk hand in hand, it’s not a secret, if everyone knows already? These days most 12 year olds, can find anything you want on google, most is in the public domain these days. But while people are pointing the finger, they forget about themselves, and their skeletons? I could not begin to explain some of things that went down during lockdown? Fake emails, fake spam to company, etc, petty things, of course we are an online company? We track, trace, record, we must by law? So we do not track emails, but IP’s which don’t change? But Member’s of this blog will understand. But I will update this and the other main pages, when legally possible, but all that is there for you to get an understanding of this person. And what me and my family have had to deal with over the past years, as well as friends, and business colleagues.

Before I go, and I will update part 2, in a few days…

I want to thank everyone for their kind words at the passing of my Mother. My mum was shall we say a ‘Character’, for some she was like Marmite, but everyone had respect for her. Not because she was an elder, but she had principals, something which some lack! She said what she felt, and nothing could change her thinking, and her ways! If she said that she wasn’t going to do something, come hell or high water, she wouldn’t break.. She didn’t speak to a friend for 20 years, and that only ended as the friend died, and she refused to attend the funeral, and anyone who knew my mum, knew she loved a funeral… The reason for the dispute? a $20 bottle of rum!! Granted it was a bottle of Antigua’s finest, but for me, still harsh… But that was my mum! I always thought she was stubborn? But I mistook stubbornness, for Bravery. She battled cancer and told no one! and to the end, she planned everything, she always said, no one will pay to bury me! And no one had to, I will miss her, she was the only woman to scare the shit out of me! those you never forget. A few days after she passed, my brother was going through her things, and found a hand written note.. My wife had it copied and framed, and it sits in my eye line as I write.. And I will close this episode with her words..

Holla at Me!!

To my Boys,

Your Mother taught you everything…

Except how to Live without her.


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