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Did I not say, Enough?

Hi Gang,

Those of you who read my blog yesterday? Will be none too surprised, that I would find myself, writing yet again, after waking to this mornings news!


It was like someone was giving me the finger! After my rant yesterday, I received a few comments, but mainly some very positive feedback.  Which in turn made me look into this matter a little further.  I mentioned yesterday, that I am from these streets, and in this world, I am deemed an O.G, (Original Gangster) trust me it’s not a title I relish, and one that I add to my CV, however I have knowledge of what the inside of a prison cell looks like.  So I found as a reliable source in the matters!! I was informed earlier in the day, before I wrote my blog, that these incidents, are wait for it! Part of a GAME!

I originally ignored any suggestion that this played any part in not only 4 deaths, but the randomness of these acts.  But wherever I went, this game was mentioned!  My brain still doesn’t find any comprehension that such a thing could be true! And I am happy to continue to believe that this is some sort of urban myth, and that a bloke call ‘Kaiser’ is behind this all?  I heard talk of points being awarded, and prizes given, are you really trying to tell me, that this is what is going on? on the streets on London! Within the Black Community? No you don’t believe it either??

Well, let me say this… If it were true, how stupid are our ‘kids’? In fact how stupid are these gang leaders who are condoning this behaviour from your troops! These gangs must have a code? An honour system, after all your modelled on gangs of old? Crip’s & Bloods, Scarface, The Mafia, Ronnie & Reggie, Escobar!! Whoever, it is this week! Well let’s take a look at that… Each of the above were feared!, but respected (in a fashion)! Because the killed, and maimed their own! Other villains, who understood the risks of living that lifestyle! They never involved innocent people, and gave back to the community, which protected them for years! The Code, meant that the innocent could walk the streets in safety, and it was about making your ‘turf’ safe, and a better place to live.. I know some are going to poo-poo this argument! But few can deny the truth of the theory of gang life!  Protect your turf, not make it a no go area.


I am smiling to myself as I write, as I know that whatever I write here is going to make very little difference to tomorrows breakfast headlines! As rest assured, this isn’t over yet.  As however, this all started, there is still a fair amount of tit-for-tat to take place as yet.  Which will no doubt will result in more loss of life, and the amount of pain it will bring to the ‘Turf’ will take an age to recover from.

I heard a range of solutions, and I still haven’t found a worthwhile community group, which I feel is looking at short-term solutions?  I mentioned ‘Scarface’ and I hope most of you realise that although based on a real person, is a work of fiction.  But let me discuss another famous cult gang movie… ‘Warriors’!! The premise of which, was to bring all the gang leaders of New York together for meeting! Crip’s & Bloods did similar..   Granted on both accounts, there was a bit of bloodshed in both examples, but each led to a peace!

As I said in the beginning of this blog, I have reached OG status. I have a responsibility to the person that I used to be, and to the guy I am now.  To make myself available should someone decide that some form of mediation is possible, or a realist forum for a debate on the issues that bring us to where we are today.  I say that this currently an issue within the black community, however this can not help, but spill into the wider community of London.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where sometimes, the innocent suffer, for the guilty! Innocent people can not help being caught up in the crossfire, while going about their day-to-day lives.  In 2018 that surely cannot be right.

Before I close, I am going to address a few comments from those who feel the solution is tougher sentences, and the possibility of bring back capital punishment as a deterrent.  I hear you loud and clear, and I feel why some would see this as a solution.  To discuss both things in the same topic, is very counter productive on any level.  So let’s try to deal with some facts on this issue.  Capital Punishment doesn’t stop Murder! Fact.. Innocent people have been wrongfully executed? Fact.. Prison doesn’t stop Murders! Fact.. Prison doesn’t reduce crime! Fact.. Locking people up 23 hours a day, does not do anything to rehabilitate prisoners, and therefore they are likely to commit further crimes! Fact.. And for the flog em brigade! Why is flogging in a prison in the Uk, any different from a public flogging in the middle east, which we all find unpalatable!

Before someone jumps up and screams Liberal… I believe that there are people who should be locked up, and never considered for release.  In principle I believe in the 3 strike system. Not so liberal now.. I don’t believe that in the eye for an eye theory, it doesn’t stack up in a humane society.  How can you crave a peaceful solution to a problem if your answer if violence? I hear people saying, what if it was one of yours?

My eldest brother was Murdered a decade ago, in the Caribbean, where they still have capital punishment.  The views of the family, are considered in matters of this kind! So not only have I been asked the question, but life has thrown it squarely in my lap.

My answer then, was different from some members of my family? And as far as I was concerned, the only one who had any voice in this instant, was the woman who gave my brother life.. Our Mum.  I will say this… My Brothers Murder, breaths life today.

We live on a small island, where both families know each other.  So there must be a ‘Cold light of day’ moment when you realise.  The innocent (the murders’ family), should not suffer for the Guilty.  I sleep well at night, as I know my Mother does too.


I am going to make the most of my weekend, and I am going to do my best to have a drink with friends, to celebrate a shared birthday.  I don’t want to even think about the goings on in my home town..

I hope that your weekend is full of fun, and smiles… After this week, we all need a boost! But can we take a moment to reflect on those families that suffered losses this week, and pray that this will bring the community closer together, and the debate that needs to be had, is one step nearer.




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