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Enough is enough.. This Must Stop!!

Hi Gang,

As you can see from the title of this blog? I am not a happy bunny today, in fact I can’t really put into words how I am feeling!  In my 50 plus years on this planet, I have witnessed many things, and I have witnessed people at their very worst..

But for the last two morning’s I have woken up to the news of 2 Murders in the capital, 4 in 2 days!! That’s 50 in London this year, now I am going to say it… These are mainly within the Black Community.  And perpetrated by members of the same community!! Now, I come from that same community, and I come from those same streets.  In fact, as many of you know, and I never make secret of it.  I have been where those perpetrators are likely to find themselves.  But for the life of me, I just can not fathom it out, and I can’t put into words, how these incidents have effected me.  I have no personal involvement in any of the families involved, but my heart, and deepest thoughts go out to them, and for the families of those who carried out these mindless crimes.

As I said, I come from this community, and those very same streets.  I understand that there will be disputes, and these can inevitably end in violence.  That’s the code of the streets! Understand that, and the code, that can lead to that kind of behaviour.  I don’t condone such behaviour! but can understand that mentality.. But the mindless nature of these acts, and the short time scale, not only made me feel concern, but I soon realised that this may not be as random, as first seemed on the surface.  Shortly into todays news reports, I realised, that this could be a case of tit, for tat! Which make the whole situation even more concerning!

Houston, We have a Problem!! Hell yeah! We have taken our eye off the ball, we have been so caught up, with Russia trying to wipe out their own, and how much is Brexit really gonna cost us! We have been so wrapped up with day-to-day stuff, which the man on the street has very little control over, other than vote every 5 years.  We have a war going on, right here in London!  In fact, it’s going on across the country, but you can’t hide what is going on our streets.

Anyone who read some of my earlier blog’s will know that, I have discussed these issues before, and I can only see a short-term solution of locking a lot of people up! This is nothing new for the Black community, and I don’t want to make light of any other Nationality behind bars, but statistic’s don’t lie.  I said a long time ago, that no government is going to effectively solve the issues of crime on our streets, and solve the problems we have in society, and time soon… UNLESS!! They are prepared to borrow hugely!! And that is highly unlikely, as it’s not a vote winner! But I think they are wrong?

If a politician came to me and said, we are going to borrow Billions, and build the houses we need, and fund the NHS, and put more police on the streets, give a better choice of education for our children… But your great grand children will have to pay extra in tax for that to happen… JJ the 4th, better get a good job! It’s a no brainer, there is so much wrong with how we are currently living in this country, that believe me, I love!   There is no quick fix, and no cheap solution, so stop looking for it! And until we realise that the reason why our Police forces are fucked, is because they are under funded! CCTV only catches a person after the crime? A Bobby on the street prevents it!  I grew up with a Local Bobby, and he was never the enemy, if fact he prevented more crime than any CCTV.  But he cost’s, and we are frittering money on stuff, which from what I can see, is plunging us deeper in the shit!


We have spent a lot of time looking to apportion blame, parents, society, Uncle Tom, and Joe Cobbly, whoever they are… Well, Stop the blame bit… Let’s start looking for solutions!  I have already said, solutions are not cheap and therefore the question is? Can we get our government to find, and more to the point, make them spend the money needed.  Cut’s cannot be a solution to any problem, and I don’t care how much we will save, by not being part of the EU, we need to be spending the money now!

Now, I have no idea how we begin to do this, I have over the last few weeks spoken to many group, and community programs, and I have been willing to put the full weight, of the Radio Station, and whatever backing is needed to do something to something to stop me from waking, to yet another 2 murders, tomorrow morning.  In my quest for a group, and project, which would in some way forge a solution to the problems, that I see the youth of today having to deal with… Trust me, there seem to be many! But… And I don’t want to be political, none seem to want to confront the real problem as I see it..

Our children currently seem to be bound for a prison cell, or the Cemetery! Unfortunately, Living in London, those are the facts for a young black male! Under 27.. But do any of these kids, and I will call them kids, understand what either LIFE Imprisonment, or LIFE underground really means!! It’s not gangster, it’s not a joke!  But without any hope of a future, how can we offer them, an option to a life of crime!

Crime is fun, it’s a rush, its real life TV, it’s an earner! All Bullshit! Trust me, there is not a guy, or girl, that doesn’t sit in a police cell, and have a moment of regret! That’s not gangster! As for Prison, It’s not fun, It’s more dangerous than any street, or Postcode that you’re trying to protect! And as a wise man once told me ‘When push comes to shove, there will only ever be one of you, and if your lucky your cell mate to have your back!! Against 900 other, and 100 uniforms!’ How are you ever going to win!  Gangsters NEVER go to prison? And if they do? They go to a prison, that you will never in your whole sentence get to see? And for why? Real Gangsters are the CEO’s of major corporations, or are running the country, they have to really fuck up to see the inside of a cell, so don’t talk to me about Gangster.

You think you’re not going to get caught? If you spent more time in your homes, with your families.  You would probably know that much of TV these day’s is crime based, and from CSI, to Police, Camera, Action! Means not only are you going to get caught, but your going to get 100 thousand hit’s on YouTube in the process! So that no matter what prison you go to, your ensured to be the butt of everyone’s jokes! which in turn will insure that you will be walking around with a ‘kick me’ sign on your back for the rest of your long sentence!

While we are on the subject.. You ‘Kids’ need to know this.. I have mentioned the drop in Bobby’s on our street’s and I for one miss them.. But what we have not seen a drop in, is Armed response units! We can thank our neighbouring Community for that! And thank Allah for that. Know this, Sooner or later the police policy will become ‘shoot first’ ask questions later! This currently isn’t the policy, but be in no doubt! That at those ‘Cobra’ meeting Teresa has, it hasn’t come up in conversation.  My point, you ‘Kids’ very rarely shoot, your intended target! you always hit the bloke coming home from work, the child coming home from school… Or the guy standing next to the person you came to kill, with your bad self! And from 12 foot, from the safety of your car you let rip… And because not only are you a dickhead, you realise it’s not like ‘Scarface’ and by the time, you fired the first shot, the fart from your drivers backside, has sent the car speeding off down the Road, in full view of CCTV, which at some later date will see you not only get those YouTube hits, but a lengthy prison sentence to boot! And rightly so I say..


My whole point is this, I am not saying anything that the blind can not see? I am a parent, and a Grand father, and this isn’t what I want for my Grand Children.  I would rather that they have to work harder in the future, if it means that they live longer! I don’t care who wants, and who runs, what turf! Postcode’s for me, are how I get my post each day.  I want to feel safe when I walk the streets, I want my family to feel safe when they walk the streets… I also want YOU to be safe when you walk the streets!

Because if we can’t then you know what… We are not FREE! And in our community, in fact in any community! We are slaves’ and these ‘kids’ are our masters! Until we are prepared to have a serious debate about this issue, and get the right people around that discussion table.. I will be continually be writing blog’s of this type, and my answer will still be the same.  I keep being told about how much debt this country was in during the 70’s, and how borrowing was high! If you’re not old enough to remember, ask your parents.. I am… They were the best years of my life! Think my folks would agree?

I thought, that this rant would make me feel better… It didn’t, and I don’t think that was my plan deep down.. I just need someone to tell me, I’m not crazy!


You know what to do?







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