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Blame it on the Boogie!

Hi Gang,

I hope that you all had a good week? And are looking forward to a relaxing weekend, as much as I am!  For some, you may not agree that my weekend is, what some would call relaxing!  I begin my Saturday with a trip to the London Stadium to watch West Ham take on Burnley.  Whom I hope this trip down South had given the team some sort of Jet-lag which seriously affect their play, and West Ham run away 3-1 winners! Then a quick change into gorgeous! Before heading to Herne Bay, Kent.  For one of my favourite gig’s, Soul by the Sea, and our hosts at the Divers Arms.

I will probably regret saying all that, on Sunday morning, but for now, I am going to remain optimistic.

Had a really positive week, and whats makes it all the more interesting?  Was that at the start of the week, things were looking like, I could lose a few quid! And by Wednesday, I went to bed with arm, and back pain, from patting myself on the back.  Life is full of twists, and turns, and I am very fortunate to have good friends, and Staff that work alongside me.  I have a great Wife, who also has been up to her backside with work and that makes home life a little stressful.  However, it makes our trips away more important, and more than leisure.

Running a Radio Station comes with a lot of challenges, more so when that station is looking at a worldwide audience, rather than a regional one.  The first main hurdle is language? Not too much of a problem, with a website? Most these days translate? Problem solved! Music is universal, so is never an issue? But things like Adverts, and Presenters saying their bit? Well as most will know… Boogie Bunker Radio has a Tagline of ‘Less Chat – More Music!’ This keeps the issues with language, down to a minimum.  But what about adverts? We have adverts in both English & Spanish running on the station, and will take adverts in any language for broadcast! 30 Seconds in German, is unlikely to put off music lovers, and we have Presenters & Guest DJ’s on the station from all four continents.  It does the station good to show its international credentials, and like UK look for new markets, outside the EU 😉

As we continue to discuss the future.. I have never seen a future in FM/DAB across the UK, as the government has made it very costly.  I understand why some stations have chosen to limit this service, to regions where it is less costly.  Which made me think? It may not be cost-effective in the UK, but what about elsewhere? Maybe a smaller island, that may appreciate a bit of BBR? Watch this space???


For the first time in the last 6 months, I can relax as far as the day-to-day running of the station.  We are fully staffed, with a couple of shows coming in the next few weeks.  So this gives me an opportunity to look into a few other things, like this years BBR Birthday Bash! And I have to prepare for a few events in Tenerife in June, details will be on the events page of the BBR Website

This week saw us pay homage to International Women, and International DJ’s Day’s.  I am not normally a fan of such days, as they normally are an excuse to sell a card! Or have you take more notice of someone, or something, than you normally should? when those things are around you on a daily basis!  In saying that… Let’s not get rid of Pancake day!! Love that… My point is this.. I know many strong women, some of which happen to be DJ’s.  My wife is one of those strong women… Not so much the DJ (those photo’s are fake.. lol). She may come across all fluffy, but the bitch has a bite! My Mother, My Grandmother, who is heading to the ripe old age of 100. Strong women don’t need to be reminded? Being acknowledged is what they seek… Just saying!! And I will continue to support female talent on Boogie Bunker Radio.

Finally… Mothers Day! Now, I hear you all thinking… What about the big speech above??

I hear that, but I want to say this… Many Son’s & Daughters need to be reminded that they have a Mother! I am guilty of not finding time for my Mum, and I do feels some guilt round about this time of the year.  I know that there are some out there who can relate, to what I am saying? Now forget the card, and maybe the flowers. Put petrol in the car, and go and see them.. if there is any change left over, take them for a coffee.. Will give a memory which will outlast the card or the flowers. And hopefully you will get a selfie, which will may be an everlasting memory, should the worst happen by this time next year… I spoke to a school friend this week, who lost her mother recently, and I know the day is going to be extra hard for her, but I know that she has a selfie… and she will have it close to her on Mothering Sunday, and I will share with her my thoughts.


You know what to do?





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