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Adverse Weather in the UK!! What’s New?

Hi Gang,

I am sitting in snowbound Kent, so I thought it was the perfect time for a catch up, after my Jet-setting trip to Spain! I ask you? Some people!

When we last spoke, I was reporting from a chilly, Costa Del Sol!  I can say this… Not the place for winter sun, although that wasn’t the purpose of the trip, but that’s another story.  Our last trip to that part of Spain was a few years ago, and at the end of their summer, so the weather was better, and this trip, my legs never saw shorts, nor my eye’s sunglasses? Except when the sun was in my eyes, on the ferry to Morocco.

Not a trip I would write off, but I wouldn’t attempt it again, unless it was in the summer, fortunately, our apartment had air conditioning, which also was a heater, so our apartment was a constant 29c, which is more than I can say for the temperature outside.

Yes, there were a few highlight’s.. A Fantastic meal or two, and some great walks, managed to get all my souvenirs in Tangiers at a bargain price, so smile when you get your fridge magnet! Or bit of Silver!!  The trip to the Med, was breathtaking, and the guy trying to sell me, a west ham fan, a Barcelona shirt… for a good price.. Was well worth watching!

We return home to the prospect of snow… which didn’t come until today! But as I had come from the cold, back to the cold.. I wasn’t to put out by the prospect. We had just got a new four-wheel drive SUV so we were ready! But unfortunately, we were ready, just the rest of the country… Not so!

Now, I know with all that is going on in the world, Snow.. Is the very least of our worries? And it’s not like we didn’t know it was coming, the weatherman, and newspapers have been talking about it for days!! So it happens? And the country comes to a standstill! Come on!! I got warnings sent to my phone!! YOU LIVE IN KENT!! WATCH OUT!!

Yet I woke up this morning to warning from the breakfast television presenters, telling me (yet again!!), how some areas where caught out! By the amount of snow!! My warning, mentioned ‘worst for many years’.. That would be a ‘heads up?’ Alas… The words ‘Snow’ and ‘Bound’ will be mentioned a lot in the next 24 hours! Granted it’s great for the kids! I have seen some kids, and their parents in the village building snowmen, and saw the biggest ball of snow being rolled down the street, which is all fine and dandy. And I am fortunate enough, that some of my work, I can do from my home.. But the rest of the country cannot, and this has cost a country, that is currently leaking money, due to Brexit, and other issues, which continue to bleed our country.. don’t get me started..


So I shall move on..

I work in a business with many competitors, and I try my best to work with others where possible.  As I think it is not only good for business, but good for our industry as a whole.  Not everyone see’s things that way, and good luck to them, each to their own, and everyone has their way of doing things, so good luck to you, and go along on your way.. and take my blessing with you! I am just a guy from the East End of London, and where I come from any dispute is settled with a swift punch in the nose, and brief explanation as to why the nose was bloodied.. A shaking of hands, and you move on!

I have recently found out, that this isn’t the norm? No Bloodied noses? No handshake, and definitely, no explanation! Apparently, the new thing is talk about it!! We are not talking about going to see someone qualified, and getting some much-needed therapy? oh! no! They won’t even come and say it to your face? They will hold a tea party, where you’re the topic of conversation, and then they cast you out… On social media!! And you become the unclean.  I watch it daily, on every social media feed I see these days!! And let’s not get it twisted, the wife and I have had many a good night, watching the public cat-fights! And there have been some classic’s, I have seen unravel on Facebook!

But here’s my point..

Call me old-fashioned, call me even a tad demented.. But surely you get more respect if you go up to the person… Say what you have to say, even if a bloodied nose is the response.  Granted, there may be a few full police cells, and a further burden on the NHS! But Facebook, would make less money, and my feed would be far shorter! Which makes my policy of biding my time, until you least expect it… What works for me..


With all this adverse weather in the UK, one of things that I love about living in a village, is that people go and look in on the elderly in the village, and make sure that they have everything.  I know from living in a city, that this isn’t always the norm, I have lived in places for years, and not know my neighbours, and it is unfortunate that this has how things have become.  But I urge people, in this time of bad weather, and talk of being Snow-bound, that we take a moment out of our day, to go and check in on your elderly, some may not thank you for it, but others will, and that in itself, with make it worthwhile.

And on the bright side, apart from the feeling of community, and helping someone else.  One day, you will be old, and may hope someone was thinking of you!


I heard a funny story about me the other day, now my fame has been known to proceed me.. lol! But sometimes, you hear things about yourself, and you just have to laugh.  Normally, I would name, and shame, and get it out in the open, but the story, was that far-fetched, that I would be embarrassed to repeat it, least of all in my own blog.  But I will say this.. Anyone who knows me, will know that I am always happy to tell the real story.  And the fact that it would be bad for my company to comment… That has never stopped me before, my Defiance has no bounds!

The Week ahead!!  We are in the process of putting together some events, for the Radio Station, and preparations have begun for our 2nd Birthday Bash! And a really special guest, in a really great venue.. More on that soon, we also aim to have all the new features completed for the website, which is now online! Boogie Bunker Radio


It’s that time again!! You know what to do?


Holla at Me!!



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