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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

This theme came with the title, and I thought it was highly appropriate, so it stay’s… This Journey has long since begun, but we start a new chapter! So come along for the ride..

Well, I think the best way to kick things off, would be with a little catch up!


‘Fun in the Sun’ month, and a very important time in the Station (Boogie Bunker Radio) Calendar.  We travel to the Island of Tenerife, with a team of DJ’s to play venues across the South of the island.  Tenerife is somewhere I know pretty well, as I have spent a lot of time there over the last few years, and in the 80’s, and have seen many changes over that time, but the island still very much has a place in my heart, the fact that it’s CHEAP! Is an added bonus, and therefore the perfect place for a trip..  It was never my intention to do a trip in any way, I felt that there were sufficient holiday makers on the Island, most of which were Brits, it seemed like we were bringing something different to the Island.  Two years later!! We have a wristband which offers discounts at venues, across the island, as well as discounted trip, and leisure.  So in effect your £40 Wristband can get you up to €350  in discounts across the island.  Entry to all venues are free, and wristband holders are offered discounts on food & drink in venues.

You make your own way to Tenerife, we can’t beat travel agents! and it’s a holiday too.  Yes, we have events running most day’s, but we hope that our events, work alongside your use of the discounts the wristband offers.  I am not going to lie, I made a few compromises this year, and although I had been previously rigid about how I saw things, I compromised, and it’s something I don’t plan to do again where this event is concerned.

With that said I think most, had a great week! And it was clear that the people of Tenerife are beginning to warm, not only to Boogie Bunker Radio, but ‘Fun in the Sun’ So much so that we have been asked to return in June 2018, more about that in the coming weeks, but for many reasons the event was a success, and FITS 2019 looks set to be something very special.


Before we leave January, and FITS 2018.  We have been doing some work on our website, which will upgrade the current site and add some additional features to the site.  As well as some new branding, the overall look of the site will feel fresher, and hopefully more exciting to the user..  The new website will be online sometime mid February!

We posted a Competition on our old website, to win a trip for 2 to FITS 2019!  We will extend the entries to this competition, and the closing date for sending entries! Deadline for Entries have been extended to March 20th 2018! and details will be posted to the website, on Launch.


As I said earlier, returned back from Tenerife and into planning for the return in June.  I also returned to scheduling issues at the station.  We are a few weeks away from appointing a full-time Station manager, and therefore the day-to-day running has fallen to me.  We have a great format on the station, and are responsible for many first’s in online radio.  That is not me blowing my own trumpet, over the last 12 month, myself, and the previous station Manager, had worked on the format, and figures showed that we have got it right, so if it’s not broken!! With that in mind, I like to replace shows, like for like within the schedule.  We have a waiting list of people awaiting shows, so much so that we have a guest mix slot, where we play mixes sent to us.


We are a worldwide station based in the UK, and we have access to some of the best DJ’s in Tenerife! And we found a couple of stars during FITS 2018, and it was only right to find a slot for them, and they find themselves in our new schedule.  We wish those moving on to pastures new, all the best for the future, as they begin their journey.

Here’s where we are! 

Here’s the bit where I normally bring things up to date, chat a bit about family.. Blah, Blah!  And I make a joke about the Wife, still being alive!! Far be it for me to disappoint anyone, but this time I will have to save it! As unfortunately I can’t say too much on the family front, which can only mean a baby is due, or someone is terminal, or someone is due in front of a Judge? Either way, I will have to save it for a future posting….

I fly out to Malaga (Spain) in the next 24 hours, for a bit of down time with the wife, and do a bit of Radio.  As we come back to a busy March, With our regular LIVE event, ‘Soul by the Sea’ at The Diver’s Arms, Herne Bay, Kent. (10th March 2018 – Website for details).  And the start on the new schedule on Boogie Bunker Radio.  With the addition of the brand new website, it’s an interesting few weeks ahead.


I am in a different place now, than when I last wrote a blog, and I did get myself in trouble.  I would like to say that I have mellowed, and that my past rants, and finger-pointing at our Government, and in some cases other Governments, has come to and end, and I am content with spending my Saturday afternoons in my seat at the London Stadium, watching West Ham United! But alas I cannot… I am still going to say what I feel, and probably upset a few along the way, this is never my intention, but you can’t please everyone? Stuff with me is pretty much Black & White! It is, what it is? As the kids say these day’s.


I hope I will bring some laughs along the way, but at the very least I will give you something to make a comment about, and good bad, or indifferent, I will post them! If I have an opinion then so do you, and feel free to voice them… Try and keep it clean, and so will I…

You know what to do!!! 


Holla at Me!




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