Welcome to my new website!

We have decided to upgrade the website, and at the same time, I have been asked to bring back the Blog!  I have to be honest, I never expected to hear from so many who missed the blog?  I don’t think anyone realises the amount of trouble writing a Blog, can get you into, nor how much time is taken up in doing so… But who am I to argue..

So the blog is back! along with it comes a website which will keep you up to date with not only my daily work, and play time! It will also try and document my day to day life, and my time working on Boogie Bunker Radio, and the work it takes to run, a Radio Station, and a growing brand.  Alongside a family, and a Wife, who manages to support my work and try to make my life as easy as possible, but not always succeeding, not for the want of trying.

So I welcome you back to My World, and hope that you will continue to enjoy the journey as it unfolds.  We have also added a ‘Members Only’ Section, for our subscribers.  Which will hold exclusive content, Updates, and Much More! (for access contact: info@jamesjjwilliams.com)


James ‘JJ’ Williams

Radio Presenter/Station Owner.

Boogie Bunker Radio

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